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Board games are a great, inexpensive way for families and friends to spend some quality time together, especially on those rainy or cold days. You might be surprised by how much fun a board game can be!

But with so many options out there to choose from, how do you go about picking just the right one?

Choosing a new board game, whether as a gift or for your next game night, can seem like a challenging and arduous task, so here’s a handy guide that will help you pick one that’s right for your expectations.

Tips to choose the right board game on Pricepulse

Among the advantages of looking for your next board game on Pricepulse, we can mention that, besides finding a wide variety of options, you will certainly be paying the lowest price possible for that product! When the time comes to choose the appropriate game, you have to consider things like how many players are going to be playing, the age range, how much time and attention you want to devote to playing, and last but not least, how much you wish to spend! Below we have listed some general categories into which board games can be subdivided, and some examples of games available on Pricepulse.

Board game types:

  • Roll and move : the simplest type of game ever! You just have to roll dice, land on a space, and only chance determines the result of the game.
  • Simulation: Simulation board games put people into a “roleplay” situation, in which they have to simulate a process or a role.
  • Strategy: Strategy board games give players tools that they can use to manipulate the game either in their favor or their opponents disfavor. There are typically many different ways to win the game. For example, Disney Villainous is a light strategy game.
  • Resource Management : in these board games players usually compete with each other to gather resources or money, create, build, etc. At the end of the game, the player with the most resources wins. And there are usually many ways to win the game.
  • Cooperative: with cooperative board games , players attempt to complete a challenge together, instead of playing against each other. It is players trying to beat the game instead of trying to beat each other!
  • Abstract: These games typically have more to do with mathematics, shapes, geometry. Zenteeko falls under the category of abstract board games .
  • Card Based: with card based board games , players have a deck of cards and usually draw a set of cards randomly, or choose them, allowing players to do different things. Players will then play cards to their own benefit.
  • Family games: these games are usually designed to be enjoyed by all the family and multiple players, with a necessary element of luck to advance stages! Family board games like Pictionary are a fun and entertaining way to spend a rainy weekend at home!

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