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  • Will there be enough Xbox Series S units?

    If you have been eagerly waiting for the new gen Xbox Series S, you can be sure about one certain fact: there is already a release date, and it is November 10th.

    What still remains uncertain is whether there will be enough stock supply for that date, and whether everyone will be able to get a pre order.

  • Features of the Xbox Series S

    The Xbox Series S is an all-digital console with a compact form factor, so it has no disc drive. That's one of the reasons it's so small.

    Nevertheless, it is expected to have a good amount of onboard storage to keep all the downloaded games in, even though Microsoft hasn't mentioned yet capacity or storage options.

    So the Xbox Series S is actually the smallest Xbox console ever made, able to easily fit into a backpack, with a strong game streaming element. The Xbox Series S is roughly 60 percent smaller in volume than the X series.

    And what makes it really exciting is its competitive price! It has a much smaller price tag than its full-version counterpart, the Xbox Series X.

  • What happened with Xbox Series S pre orders?

    Pre Orders have officially begun for the Xbox Series S, but what will happen when retailers run out of all available pre orders remains an enigma.

    In spite of Microsoft's attempt at creating a smooth preorder experience, there certainly have been a couple of issues along the process.

    As expected, retailers' web sites began to crash as soon as preorders for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S began. On social media, people reported waiting in line for excessive amounts of time, only to get their consoles removed from their carts in the end.

    It's a common occurrence when a hot item goes live, but for wannabe buyers it can be a deeply frustrating experience.


  • What happens when all Xbox Series S pre orders run out?

    We are aware that 2020 is no ordinary year, the worldwide pandemic means supply shortages are a very tangible possibility.

    But there's no need to panic, retailers should restock in the following days. Even with shortages, though, more units of the Xbox Series S should arrive on release day.

    To sum up, we could assert that the key here is being patient and keeping an eye out for it by downloading your best tool and ally in this search: Pricepulse!

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