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4.6 out of 5 | 7.5k reviews

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Jalapeno Jead (6/9/2021)

What a fun app!

This app is easy and fun! You earn points that you can cash out for Amazon gift cards! I’ve earned 2 so far!

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karinka9 (6/7/2021)

So so app

Great app! Helps to make decisions on buying things

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Tattoedmom (6/4/2021)

Price tracker and great deal notifications.

I like getting the notifications that an item I’m watching has gone on sale. Also appreciate knowing if the price I’m paying for any item is a good one or not - they also have a good section for recommendations and for “lowest price ever” items.

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The Dademon (6/3/2021)

Really useful app, but...

It crashes. A lot. So much that I expect it to crash and restart at least three times before I can get a transaction to complete. I do like the price tracking, and love the rewards. The silly Pricepulse videos are abhorrent and of elementary school quality. I wish there was a way I could turn them off.

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Awesome Features

  • Pricepulse scans & tracks millions of prices per day

    With the help of Artificial Intelligence the tool scans each product on Amazon and tracks prices fluctuations. It displays this information in a graph next to each product so you can access it whenever you want. And when a product you’ve saved to your Watchilist hits its lowest price you get a notification!

  • Price drops alerts

    To get a notification every time your favourite products drop their prices you only have to save them to your watchlist. Pricepulse will instantly start tracking them and will let you know when the items are ready to buy!

  • Best Amazon price tracker tool

    With its simple and easy to access layout Pricepulse app has become one of the best tools for price tracking. With only a click it starts tracking the products you want to purchase! You don’t need to worry about wasting any time searching the lowest prices, deals or sales to save money because Pricepulse will let you know when a product has dropped its price.

  • Import your Amazon wishlist

    Did you know that you can import your Amazon wishlist to Pricepulse? It’s only a click away! And the app will add all your favourite products you want to buy into Pricepulse’s Watchlist.

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  • What is an Amazon price tracker?

    An Amazon price tracker is a tool that scans and analyzes millions of prices per day. A price tracker uses Artificial Intelligence to predict prices behaviours. With this technology Pricepulse can estimate when a product’s price may vary and send a notification to users when the item they want to purchase has dropped its price.

    It saves time and resources
    so you don’t have to worry about spending hours searching for that perfect price.

  • How to track Amazon price history?

    For curious users that want to know more about prices behaviours they may find that Amazon does not display any information about the price history of any item.

    But with Pricepulse you will be able to check how each product price fluctuates within a range of time. Every product has a very simple and easy to understand graphic that displays information about its price history.

  • How to get alerts for Amazon price drops?

    First, search for that product you want to purchase. Then, click on Start Watching. It will automatically be saved into your Watchlist and Pricepulse will instantly start tracking it. The app will send you a notification when the price drops.

    You can also have a look at new deals of products that you’ve added to your Watchlist going to the bell icon.

  • Is Amazon price tracker available in Chrome extension?

    Of course! And it’s also very simple to install. Go to your Google Chrome configurations then to the extensions tab and search for Pricepulse, click install and it’s ready to go!

    Now everytime you surf through Amazon you can display the Pricepulse tab from the top right of your window. Will be there for you, ready to let you know when the prices have dropped.