How to choose the right legging on Pricepulse

Leggings can be a controversial piece of clothing. But there is hardly another garment that can beat them as regards comfort and versatility! So why controversial? Because choosing the correct model is not only according to mood, occasion and the place you are going to, but also it has to be suitable to body type.

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Since it is such a popular garment, the offer can be overwhelming. But don't worry, we have classified them into lengths and styles, so you can use this as a quick guide to know better what is the kind of legging that's perfect for you!

Legging lengths

Ankle-length legging

This is maybe the easiest length to match with all kinds of footwear, and it may even be the most flattering for all body types. Ankle length leggings can be adequately matched to go for a casual look or they can make an excellent option for a more trendy look.

Capri leggings

This may be the most difficult length to match, but they can serve a variety of purposes! For instance, capri leggings are the perfect length if you are on the petite side, and they are really appreciated in particularly sweaty workouts.

Foot leggings

The foot leggings are better worn when hidden in running shoes, boots or even dressy shoes. They are the choice for those who want to avoid all chances of leggings riding up!

Knee length leggings

This may be the perfect kind for activities like yoga, dance and gymnastics. They can also be used under dresses or skirts for your comfort. Check out our broad variety of knee length leggings!

Legging styles

Workout legging

The options in workout leggings are almost limitless. You can find them with pockets, high-waist, super soft, seamless, you name it; there certainly is a style that will match your needs!

Printed leggings

When we talk about printed leggings , there is a golden rule: if the leggings are printed, the top needs to be plain! There are many beautiful patterns that will give your closet a little energy boost.

Faux-leather leggings

This style is nothing new, but they are now usually top of mind for many who chose faux-leather leggings to match them with oversize blazers and edgy accessories for a glamorous street look.

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