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  • PS5 stock supply shortage?

    There has been much expectation surrounding the announcement of the next-generation consoles from both Sony and Microsoft, scheduled to hit retailers sites before the holiday season.

    Fans around the world have been eagerly waiting to get any news regarding this release. And finally, Sony revealed the release date of their much-anticipated PlayStation 5, scheduled to be on November 12.

  • Could PS5 shortage be due to 2020´s pandemic?

    As soon as the release of the new PS5 announcement went public, some sites and retailers began offering pre-orders. On September 17, many buyers looking to get their hands on one of the first editions of the PS5 rushed to the websites that offered the console’s pre-order.

    There had been announcements that pre-orders would be opening at 6 p.m. that day. But as soon as they started, many of the PS5 pre-orders sold out.

    So, the questions that popped up were…

  • When would the PS5 restock and how could wannabe buyers snatch a pre-order?

    If we try to find a reason for this shortage, we can assume that it's likely due to the current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected not only the console's production, but also the production of many other items, since most countries initially began their lock down in March.

    Amid this new scenario, given the impact of Covid-19 on the airline industry, consoles that under normal conditions would be shipped by air freight, now they will be shipping from China via the sea.

    This has a direct impact on the distribution of the PS5, since it can be weeks or months before new batches of PS5’s make their way to North America or Europe.

  • What happened after the PS5 release announcement?

    Although Sony said that pre-orders would start the day after its recent showcase, retailers began making them available within hours of the event's end. Both models sold out quickly at retailers everywhere, crashing websites in the process.

    Among the buyer´s biggest claims were that even after the item was in their cart or they were almost completed with the checkout procedure, the console in their cart had already been purchased.

    Others found that after they placed their order, the retailer they purchased it through canceled the transaction, leaving many wondering how they would manage to make their purchase

  • What's in store for future PS5 orders?

    It's currently unclear if retailers will have the units to restock these pre-orders before the November 12 release date, though many offer the option to be notified by email if the product becomes available again.

    We’d recommend keeping an eye on all the PS5 pre-order pages to ensure you secure your console before anyone else.

    You can also make the most of waiting time by surfing through Amazon for PS5 related accessories, so you are all ready and set when the moment comes and you can finally have your console.

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