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We are all aware of how prices fluctuate on Amazon and how difficult it may be to find the best prices for any item you want to purchase. But no need to worry Pricepulse is here to make things a lot easier!

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  • Pricepulse analyzes millions of Amazon prices per day

    The extension uses Artificial Intelligence to scan each product on Amazon and track prices that are constantly changing. It detects the lowest prices and also lets you know when there is any sale or discount.

  • Price drops alerts

    Every time you add a product to your watchlist Pricepulse instantly starts tracking it. You will get a notification every time a product you’ve saved in your list drops its price.

  • Best Amazon price tracker

    Because it’s easy and fast to use, Pricepulse has become one of the best tools for price tracking. With its simple layout and efficient functions you won’t be wasting any time or money.

  • Find the lowest price ever

    Create or connect your Amazon account with the app and search for your favourite products. Save them to your watchlist and just wait for the price to drop. Pricepulse will let you know even when the price can’t get any lower!


  • What are Amazon price trackers?

    Price trackers are tools that use AI to predict future prices behaviour and find the best moments to purchase a product. These tools can estimate when a product may drop its price and will send you a notification alert. It saves time, money and resources so you don’t have to spend hours on searching the perfect price.

  • How to track Amazon price history?

    Amazon does not display information about price history of any item. That’s why a tool like Pricepulse is needed. With the app you will be able to check how each product price fluctuates within a range of time. Every product has its data graphic where it shows in a very simple way if the item you want is in its best time to purchase or if it is still better to wait for the right moment.

  • How to alert Amazon price drop?

    Every time you save a product to your watchlist the tool will let you know with a notification when the price drops. You can also check new deals of the products that you add to your watchlist going to the bell icon.

  • Is Amazon price tracker availability in Chrome extension?

    Yes! And it’s very easy to install. Go to your Google Chrome configurations then to the extensions tab and search for Pricepulse, click install and it’s ready to go!
    Now everytime you surf through Amazon you can display the Pricepulse tab from the top right of your window. Will be there for you, ready to let you know when the prices have dropped.