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What is pricepulse

Pricepulse is a FREE Chrome extension that will help you save hundreds of dollars every time you shop.

  • Nintendo Switch sold out

    There is a massive Nintendo Switch demand and nowhere to buy it. The console has reached a shortage of supplies similar as the lacking of toilet paper.

  • Why is the Switch console suffering a shortage?

    Due to the current pandemic, people search for different kinds of entertainment indoors. Though Nintendo Switch was already popular before the lockdown, it has been sold out everywhere and it is very hard to find these days. Even when a store gets a restock it doesn't take too long to run out.

    Also the recent launch of the game 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' made the console even more searched and wanted by customers.

    The pandemic has also brought distribution problems around the entire globe and due most of Nintendo Switch supplies are manufactured in China and the frontiers have been closed many industries have been affected and lowered their production.

  • What to expect?

    Although it seems that the outlook will get better by late May or June this year there is still a lot to catch up with and probably we’ll be suffering the shortage all year around.

    This brought a rise in Nintendo Switch values reaching prices that double the original: going from 300 USD to 600 USD and even 700 USD.

    It may vary from country to country but for now there are no Nintendo Switch consoles available in the market. Though we can let you know when it’s ready to be bought again!

  • Pricepulse will let you know

    As soon as the console s get on stock once more the best places to buy them are online stores that will have large amount of Nintendo Switch stocks. You won't even have to wait on the line to get your own. Pricepulse is tracking stores like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target and Walmart. The extension is constantly scanning products and their prices and will let you know when the console is available to buy.

  • What you can do in the meantime

    While we wait to the Nintendo Switch to be available again you can add the product to your watchlist , subscribe to the alerts and stay put for further notifications.

    If you still need to quench your desire to buy we recommend you to surf through Amazon and look for related products such as accessories for the console soon to be yours.

  • How Pricepulse works

    If you still don’t know how Pricepulse works you are about to get a one way ticket to the world of price tracking.

    With the help of Artificial Intelligence the tool is able to scan and track millions of items and predict prices behaviour during time. Once you’ve added a desired product to your watchlist the extension starts tracking it immediately and will alert you with a notification when its price drops.

    You can add the extension to your search engine or download the app. You won’t be wasting any time or money!