How to choose your laptop

Laptops. There’s just so many of them! The offer is endless. But the question is, what's the best laptop for you?

Do you need a chromebook, business notebook, a powerful gaming laptop or a netbook? We know the number of choices can be overwhelming, so maybe by reading below you can get your facts straight.

Even though smartphones and tablets may have taken over much of people’s screen time, there’s still a clear need for a real computer sometimes, and for most people, that means a laptop.

There are certain tasks, office and school work, for instance creating spreadsheets, for which there is no good substitute for a nice and comfortable keyboard and a big screen.

So read on to find the laptop that best suits your needs!

What type of laptop should you look for in Pricepulse?

The answer to this question depends on how often you’ll use it, what you’ll use it for, and, an essential question, how much money you can afford to spend on it!

In Pricepulse there is a laptop for every need, and you will buy it with the guarantee that you're paying the lowest price possible!

One laptop for each need

Ultrathin laptops

If there is a perfect balance of performance and portability, it is found in this category. Ultrathin laptops are especially comfortable for frequent travellers. Sometimes referred to as ultraportable or ultrathin, the lightweight laptop feels light and easy to carry.

These models come with a mid-size screen that's good to work on. Most of them even have built-in DVD burners, which is not the case with netbooks. This category can include some expensive models if you look for the biggest hard drive or fastest processoravailable.

Everyday laptops

The laptops in this category fall into the broad middle in terms of weight, technology, screen size, and price. These everyday laptops are equipped to do almost any task, but in terms of travelling, it’s too heavy and too short on battery life.

Desktop Replacement

These portable high performance laptops deliver a full PC experience. They usually offer comfortable keyboards, large hard drives, big screens and great system memory.

Despite all these features, a desktop replacement is too large for comfortable travel, and battery life is very short.

Laptops built for business

Maybe there is no need for this category of laptop to handle the demands of gaming or HD movies, but it does need a processor that can manage all the apps of an office suite.

Business laptops should also have long enough battery life to hold its charge during stretches on the road. And reliable security features to keep sensitive and confidential data safe are also a must.

Entertainment and gaming laptops

This category is full of beautiful screens and large hard drives. With these features, media-centric laptops can serve as the center of your digital-entertainment and gaming world.

Gaming laptops are usually fitted with awesome built-in speakers with sound enhancement technologies, so you’ll be able to enjoy all of your movies on-the-go. Full of amazing features and yet powerful, they’ll certainly help you get things done.

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