Zenteeko Roll Up Abstract Strategy Travel Board Game for 2 or More Players

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Zenteeko is a sneaky abstract strategy boardgame for two or more players. The rules are easy – learn to play in under two minutes – but pay attention! The game is played on a 5 x 5 grid leather-like board and each player has four markers (we give you extra in case you lose one). The object of the game is to get your four markers in one of four simple groupings: a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, or in a square. Play begins with each player alternately placing a marker on the board. When all four markers are in place, players then take turns sliding their markers in any direction to achieve the objective. No jumping! Things can change quickly; think ahead to your next move because your opponent may just slide into a winning position right under your nose! Games can last from 2 minutes to 20, depending on how crafty each player is. When you feel like you’ve mastered this mode of play, there are more complicated groupings and rules explained on our website, zenteeeko.com. Markers for three players fit into the round zippered pouch attached to the board. The entire board rolls up and snaps shut so you can take Zenteeko fun with you anywhere!


  • ABSTRACT STRATEGY: A fun and exciting game for 2 or more players. Learn to play in 2 minutes. Don't be fooled! Zenteeko is easy to learn, hard to master!
  • ROLL UP, LEATHER-LIKE BOARD: The markers (extra included) zip into the attached pouch and the 10" x 12" board game rolls up and easily travels with you everywhere.
  • ADAPTABLE LEVELS OF PLAY: For ages 7 to adult. As players become more skilled, there are more complicated groupings to attempt for winning.
  • GAME TIME RANGES FROM 2 TO 20 MINUTES: Zenteeko can move quickly; it all depends on paying attention and thinking ahead!
  • A FAMILY FAVORITE: Create competitions and challenge winners. Zenteeko would also make a fun school club activity, creating healthy, thinking rivalries.

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