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  • Xbox Series release date

    Microsoft's announcement of the Xbox Series release date for November 10th has been much celebrated by fans around the world. Xbox moves to position Series X as the most powerful games console ever.

    As wannabe buyers were expecting, the Xbox Series X and S have opened for pre-orders, but the rush to buy the new consoles has led shops to sell out in the blink of an eye. We are fully aware that when a new console launches, demand often outweighs supply.

    Given the increase in the demand in Microsoft’s current-gen consoles during the pandemic, plus the disruption that COVID-19 has caused to major manufacturing supply chains and distribution, there have been reports of Xbox One X and Xbox One S shortages in recent weeks.

    And this will probably be the case with the Xbox Series. Many people have suspected that Microsoft won’t be able to produce as many next-gen consoles as they were once hoping to.

    Unfortunately, the previously mentioned facts could lead to prolonged shortages that could last until mid-2021.

  • What are the reasons for Xbox Series X supply shortage?

    Many have speculated about why there has been such supply shortage. This year’s pandemic is probably the main reason behind it, with people securing a form of entertainment while stuck at home. But it can also be attributed to the fact that consumers want to get ready for the arrival of Xbox Series X.

    There’s another likely reason why stock can’t meet demand at the moment, and it may not be that people are merely buying new consoles in record numbers. It may just be that Microsoft is managing stock to ensure a slow, successful transition, to effectively force people to stay in the current generation.

    So, if by Holiday Season you still have an Xbox One, you can expect heavy investment and great games anyway leading well into 2021.

  • Missed Xbox Series X pre-orders?

    Not everyone is willing to pre-order. Some people don’t pre-order because they either wait until stock levels are normalized to a degree that they can just walk up to the counter on launch day, or because they don't like the idea of financial commitment without fully knowing or understanding the product you’re getting. Or sometimes it might be a combination of both!

    The truth is, the first wave of stock for the Xbox Series X pre-orders disappeared fast. If you've decided you want to pre-order but you've missed out, don't fret as it doesn't necessarily mean you won't get your hands on a pre-order at all.

    As we have seen with other products, pre-orders often come in waves, so if you didn't get in time for the first wave, then you can probably catch the second.

    We expect that some retailers, like Amazon, will have Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pre-order stock again soon, so be prepared to move fast!

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