Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone: 2-Sided Knife Sharpener Set, 1000/6000 Grits, with Non-Slip Base, Angle Guide, Illustrated PDF & Video Instructions - (Arkansas Honing Stone/Japanese Waterstone)

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Achieve the Perfect Blade Edge with Two Whetstones in One! Professional Quality Double Sided Knife Sharpening Whetstone with Bamboo Wooden Stand Made for a Chef, but easy enough to use for a Home Cook, this is the sharpener system you've been looking for! Perfect for any size knife or other household tool that's a little too dull, our sharpening kit is the boss of all sharpeners! Use the rough #1000-grit side followed by the #6000-grit fine hone polishing side and cutting even the toughest food will feel like slicing through butter. Our perfectly crafted whetstone not only works better than a diamond stone for gouge removal, but is also ideal for scissor sharpening and even honing things like drill bits, dental tools, a nail clipper, ice skates, and of course all sorts of knives, for example fillet knives, paring knives, butcher knives, folding or pocket knives, tactical or survival knives, hunting or buck knives. Offer Includes: ✔ Bonus Gift (Limited Time Only): Free Knife Sharpening Angle Guide ✔ Risk Free Money Back Guarantee: If you're not happy for any reason, let us know within one year and we'll send a replacement or 100% refund, no questions! Instructions for Use (Video Link Included with Purchase!): 1) Soak stone in water until bubbles stop (5-10 mins), then place on black silicone holder above wood block. 2) Slide blade edge along coarse blue #1000-grit side at 10-20 degree angle, with light to medium hand pressure. Alternate blade sides every 2-3 strokes. Maintain consistent angle on both sides - use our bonus for guided sharpening! 3) Sprinkle water on the top plane of the stone as needed to keep it wet 4) Repeat using #6000-grit side until the blade is razor sharp! 5) Wash knife with hot soapy water. Rinse stone and allow to dry 48+ hours before storing. They're going fast, so click "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" to get yours today, and one for your best friend too!


  • ✔️ SHARP KNIVES MAKE HAPPY WIVES - Our one-of-a-kind premium quality combination grit whetstone is guaranteed to make your kitchen knives sharper than the day you bought them. Remember, A SHARP KNIFE IS A SAFE KNIFE, and your new extra wide sharpening system will keep all your knives razor sharp so that nobody gets hurt or frustrated. You'll wonder why you didn't buy this amazing tool years ago!
  • ✔️ VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS & PDF USER GUIDE FOR FAST & EASY LEARNING</b> - Finally! All the mystery has been removed, so you can now sharpen like a complete natural! An easy-to-follow instructional video link is included right on the box, in addition to a PDF User Guide you'll receive via Amazon email. And to round out your deluxe kit is a NON-SLIP BAMBOO BASE for extra height and comfort, and a FREE BONUS ANGLE GUIDE to help you get used to the perfect blade angle.
  • ✔️ <b>THE PERFECT UNIQUE GIFT</b> - If you're generously shopping for other home cooks or professional chefs, you should know that our whetstone set makes the perfect gift! Big enough for even the longest kitchen knife, and designed to fine-tune any blade, whether an expensive wusthof or just a cheap stainless steel kitchen knife, it's also ideal for sharpening things like scissors, xacto blades, pocket knives, a chisel, axe, sword or even machete! It truly is a MUST-HAVE for every household!
  • ✔️ <b>PREMIUM QUALITY, & NO OIL REQUIRED</b> - Made from professional grade Corundum (Aluminum Oxide), our chef quality whetstone is the best honing stone on the market. Each kit also undergoes a detailed third party inspection to ensure consistency and perfection. Also please note that OIL IS NOT REQUIRED for this stone, unlike other arkansas stones or slipstone grinders. Water actually works BETTER, and makes clean-up easier too!
  • &#x1F381; HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN LIMITED STOCK SUPER SALE &#x1F381; - Buy 2 and Save 10 percent!!! Just "Add to Cart" and enter code WHTSTN10 at checkout! 1-YEAR NO-RISK 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, & WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE - If you're not happy with your purchase for any reason, just contact us and we'll quickly make it right, or refund your money. That's a promise!

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