What Is Empathy?: A Bullying Storybook for Kids

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Product Description Two sides to every story―helping kids learn compassion and understanding Teach children ages 5 to 7 about empathy and putting themselves in someone else’s shoes. In this entry into bullying books for kids, they’ll read about how best friends Ava and Sofia handle a problem with bullying. The story is told twice―first from Sofia’s point of view, and then from Ava’s, so kids can experience how their feelings change when they see things from a different perspective. When it comes to bullying books for kids, this one stands out: Everyone deserves understanding―No matter how your child is experiencing bullying, Ava’s and Sofia’s stories will show them skills that can help. Talk about it―Go beyond other bullying books for kids with discussion questions that encourage kids to think about why the characters might have done the things they did. Beautiful illustrations―Colorful artwork brings the story to life and makes this book fun to read. Give kids the tools to practice kindness with What is Empathy?, everything that bullying books for kids should be. Review “I love how this sweet book cleverly illustrates empathy in a way that is sure to foster more of it among children, while also boosting kids' ‘theory of mind’ ability to see things from another's perspective. The discussion prompts are perfect for supporting parents in knowing how to extend the learning beyond the book and into real life.” ―Debbie Reber, founder of Tilt Parenting and author of Differently Wired “There may never be a more important time for kids to have a good understanding of empathy. Kids who struggle with understanding empathy and those who don't will love this beautifully written book. The book is relatable, engaging, and an absolute joy to read. In an ingenious plot twist, kids read about what it's like to be on both sides of a conflict, helping them not only to better understand others but also empower themselves.” ―Ellen B. Braaten, PhD, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School, Director, Learning and Emotional Assessment Program, Co-Director, The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds “If parents or educators were asked about the toughest concepts to explain to children, empathy and bullying would likely be at the top of the list. And yet, Amanda Morin has brilliantly tackled both at one time in this exquisite book, with a story that is amazingly clear and relatable, and elicits―well, empathy―for each and every character.” ―Meredith Polsky, co-author of I Have a Question book series, National Director of Institutes and Training, Matan “Amanda Morin has written a wonderful, realistic book that teachers, parents―and kids―will love. In showing both sides, What Is Empathy? takes kids through the journey of perspective-taking that is so necessary to develop empathy in our all-about-me world.” ―Michele Borba, EdD, globally recognized educational psychologist, parenting expert, and author of UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World About the Author Amanda Morin is an author, former classroom teacher, education writer, and special education advocate. She serves as an in-house adviser for Understood.org, where she teaches about using empathy as a tool to embrace inclusion.

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