Tower Power Strip Surge Protector 8 AC Outlets with 6 USB Ports Chargers Black-Powerjc

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Powerjc Product design features;
1, All charger socket of our company is research and design by ourselves, we designed the product focus on the safety of customers in using.We use of high strength of the industrial raw materials PC material,which flame retardant grade is 94V0.
2,All the receptacles will be installed overload, over-current protection device to prevent users because of power is too large and cause heat and dangerous.When the power or current is too large, it will be automatically cut off the current, when the overload is released, press the reset button and it will continue to work.
3,The charger part and AC socket part are all the independent switch design, when the need to use the USB charger, open the USB charger part of the switch. Special tips; when no charge, it is recommended to turn off the charger switch, because when no need to charge, and the charger switch is opened, there will be a small part of the current through cause waste and not environmentally friendly. AC switch is the same.
4,When put out or stick in the socket,we will feel very tight, because our the thickness of phosphor copper inside is more than 0.75. Insert full force is more than 5N.
5,The socket is equipped with lightning protection function to protect the electrical appliances through the socket when the thunderstorm weather or grid voltage instability.
6,Charger operating voltage is AC 90V-265V, can be used in any country all around the world.
7,One function of our charger is charger very fast,single USB port Max 2.4A and support multiple mobile phone or electrical charge at the same time.
8,All the material have passed UL,CSA,VDE certificate.And all the products have passed ROHS,CE,FCC certificate.


  • Its Advantage 1: Row for the tower design, Each layer AC socket has a separate switch control, 6 USB ports with ,looks strong and beautiful, small footprint, Suitable for use at home, office, school, laboratory, restaurant,corporate,Airports, stations, etc. and other public areas
  • Its Advantage 2: USB separate switch control, smart USB (total 8A) charging technology automaticlly detect charging requirement from your devices and delivers the fastest charging speed up to 2.4 amps per port.
  • Its Advantage 3: Input;100-240V wide dual voltage offers a charge for you all over the world; 8 AC outlets with a total AC output rated current 10A, eliminating the need for multiple chargers, 3500 joules surge protecetion is designed for your high-end electronic applications.Safety Assurance: 8 grounded AC outlets with surge protection defend against voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes, built-in circuit-breaker ensures definitely over-load protection.
  • SURGE PROTECTION:The use of PC industrial plastic raw materials, impact resistance of more than 70N, fire rating 94V0.Products passed CE, FCC, ROHS, ETL certification; .High-quality and safety. Designed with over-heated, over-current, over-charging protection .Premium Quality Circuitry & Professional Quality Fire-Retardant Material Ensure Life-Time Safety and Reliability.
  • What is in the box: 1x Powerjc Surge Protector, 1x User Manual, 1x Feedback Card, Powerjc offers 18-Month limited product warranty and lifetime technical customer support.

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