The Star Wars Cook Book: Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes

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Product Description Boba Fett-Uccine and Princess Leia Danish Dos are just the beginning when the Force is with you in the kitchen. Wookiee Cookies is your invitation to fine culinary experiences in the Star Wars frame of mind. From C-3PO Pancakes to Jedi Juice Bars, this intergalactic Star Wars cookbook features healthy snacks, delicious dishes, sweet treats, and easy main courses no Rebel can resist. With hilarious photos and safety tips for cooking on Earth as well as in most space stations, Wookiee Cookies even includes a sheet of shiny Star Wars stickers. Age is no issue when it comes to Star Wars cuisine-kids as well as adults will have a great time with this book. Whether you drove to your first Star Wars flick or just had your fifth birthday, there's no reason you can't whip up some Crazy Cantina Chili at near light speed. Review "Consider, young Jedi: Why bake a plain old cookie when you can bake a super-Chewie Wookiee Cookie?" So begins the delightful Star Wars Cookbook. Aimed at young cooks, but fun for all ages, the cookbook provides recipes for treats such as Princess Leia Danish Dos, Twin Sun Toast, Tusken Raider Taters, Sandtrooper Sandies, and the house favorite, Boba Fett-uccine. (What better way to get young Jedi knights to eat their broccoli?) Author Robin Davis's directions are extremely thorough and safety oriented (as she notes, "the calm and perceptive mind of a Jedi warrior will enable you to prevent most mishaps in the kitchen"), and perfect for kids who are new to cooking. The spiral-bound pages are lightly plasticoated, so if you spill some milk while concocting C-3PO Pancakes, it's easily wiped off. The highlights of the book are Frankie Frankeny's terrific photographs of Star Wars action figures posing with the food--R2-D2 encounters giant frozen R2-D2 Treats that look remarkably similar to him, while Darth Vader raises his fist at Bossk the bounty hunter atop a wall of Bossk Brownies as Darth's henchmen look on. And who could resist a shot of Jabba Jiggle? There's Jabba the Hutt positioned on a pile of oozing lime Jell-O®. Whether you're a Star Wars fan or just looking for a way to get the kids to feel the Force in the kitchen, The Star Wars Cookbook is great fun, and tasty, too! --Rebecca A. Staffel From School Library Journal Grade 3-5-Twenty-nine recipes, divided by subject, include "Tusken Raider Taters," "Yoda Soda," "C-3PO Pancakes," and so on. Really, they are ordinary, basic recipes, clearly written, and easy to make. Much prepared food is called for, from refrigerator pizza dough to Kit Kat candy bars. The illustrations are a surrealistic combination of food and Star Wars figures that are the same size as or smaller than the featured dish. The spiral binding enables the book to lay flat, the pages are plastic coated, and there are stickers in the back. Some adults may be annoyed by the coyly clever tone, but most kids will like it because it's Star Wars. Carolyn Jenks, First Parish Unitarian Church, Portland, Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc. Review 1999 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM All Rights Reserved. Used Under Authorization.


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  • The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookie Cookies
  • Spiral bound full color cookbook has 60 pages of recipes great for all ages
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