The Fart That Got Away (Stinky Epic)

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Product Description How does one cope with the loss of a fart? #1 Best Smelling Author, Stinky McToots, has the answer in this slick rhyming and inspirational book about friendship. They go from strangers to BFF's to suddenly separated. But do they get reunited? The testimonials* speak for themselves: "I haven't seen such a rich friendship between a kid and an inanimate object since The Giving Tree." - No-one Ever "Immature, Irreverent, and Juvenile" - Lamest Person Ever "A true literary achievement. I offer words as congratulatory as they are flatulatory." - Stinky McToots Sr. "A book about friendship, strength, and fartitude" - Mrs. McToots "A True Tour-De-Farts." - Another Made Up Person "Technically speaking, trees aren't inanimate objects." - An obnoxious nerd, regarding the first comment Well... You don't have to take the reviewer's words for it... Read a few pages** of the eBook FREE by clicking Download Sample or Look Inside on the Kindle Page. Then BUY the paperback and get a FREE eBook. LIKE us on facebook for updates from the author! *Made up testimonials for comedic purposes only. Editorial reviews below, however, are from real people. ** Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read the entire eBook for free. Review "A hilarious story about a kid that farts and then loses his new best friend! The author has put a lot of time into creating this super fun book about farts!" -Ben Jackson (co-author of the My Little Fart series) via Goodreads "Definitely a hit with the boys. Lots of stinky fun. This is a good little read for kids who love toilet humor. Perfect for little boys especially. Nice art work as well." - Damiano Bernardo (author of the  Dookie The Dung Beetle's Stinky Adventures series) via Goodreads "Both the tale and the illustrations depicted in The Fart That Got Away are clever and will be sure to gain the full attention of readers of all ages. I was easily able to visualize many of the descriptive parts of the story which were not depicted in the illustrations, something I am not so proud of, but it does show the true talent of Stinky McToots' writing prowess. I was also able to empathize with the young boy at the loss of a friend when the wind blew the boy's fart away (yes, I really just wrote that) and feel that The Fart That Got Away will be a book which is read time and again by readers aged 5 to 12, as fart stories simply never get old." -  Rosie Malezer via Readers' F avorite From the Author A book about FARTS???? Wellllll.... I like to think of it more as a book about friendship, first and foremost. I mean, yeeeessss, it doooes have a faaaart as one of the twoooo main characters.. but I digress... Give it a read, and in addition to the laughs, funny imagery, and smooth rhymes, you may just learn something about friendship. Hope you enjoy! -Stinky About the Author Is that LOVE in the air? Nope. It's a FART.... And that fart's name is Stinky McToots. You didn't think a fart could write books did ya? Well it can, and it did. And a fart can do much more than that. Don't believe me? Then buy The Fart that Got Away & The Fart that Fell in Love to find out what else farts are capable of.                 Then CLICK FOLLOW to stay up to date on Stinky's latest releases

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