TAIGUJI Small Pet Scale for cat and Dog, Electronic Puppy Scales Kitchen Scale, Tray Portable Digital Scale for Small pet Hatching and Food Weighing, Add Automatic Peeling Function Automatic Shutdown

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Q: How big is your pet?Answer: The tray is 11.61*8.11*2.28 in, suitable only for small pets whose length does not exceed 11.61 in. If you need to increase the weight of your pet up to 22 lb , please add another container, just clear the weight of the containerQ: Can I measure the weight of a large pet?Answer: Not very suitable. If the weight does not exceed 22 lb, place it in the corresponding container and weigh it.(The puppy in the picture is basically the largest pet that can be weighed without other containers.This scale is very sensitive to changes in weight. Please comfort your pet and keep him from moving as much as possible when weighing.)Q: Can it be used as a kitchen scale?Answer: Yes, this model has been upgraded to a 22 lb range based on a 11 lb kitchen scale. it can also be used as a normal kitchen scale.The digital scale has a built-in precise load sensor and is equipped with 4 precision units (g/lb:oz/oz/ml) . Make you weigh nuts and grains with amazing accuracy , Fruits, etc. to achieve precise portion control and healthier cooking.lls, medicines.Q: Can it be used as a baby scale?Answer: No, the baby scale requires a tray length of about 31 in. This section is 11.61 in.Q: Will the tray drop?Answer: There are 4 locating posts and 2 sponge adhesives on the bottom of the tray, there is no drop of the tray after assembly. For assembly, follow the instructions in the manual, aligning the four holes, peeling the two double-sided adhesive separator plates, and pressing firmly on the tray and base. See the instructions for more information. Assembly is very easy.


  • ✅ [Quality Assurance] Remarks: This electronic scale is specially designed for newborn pets, It is only suitable for weighing pets in the infant stage or small pets (such as parrots, hedgehogs or small kittens, puppies, etc). The tray is only 11.6 inches long. If you need to weigh The weight of a large pet or adult dog or cat, Please add a Cartons or other container as shown in the picture 4(The product complies with EU food safety test standards and can be used with confidence for a long time.)
  • ✅ [Latest improved version for 2020] This is an improved pet scale based on customer feedback. Peeling and zeroing functions, unit switching function(Weighing can be measured in KG or pounds), and automatic shutdown function are added. Suitable for monitoring growing weight of cats, dog parakeets, hamsters, and other small animals. Can also be used for pets, pet Food weighing
  • ✅ [Exactly up to 0.1 lb-22lb]. In order to realize more accurate value display, we will deliver all products that have been calibrated twice at the time of factory shipment and inspection.
  • ✅ [Reliable and reliable manufacturer's 90-day money back guarantee] The manufacturer's warranty period is 90 days from the date of purchase. Please contact the manufacturer with your order number. We will promptly respond to refunds and returns. *Please note that we cannot accept returns of items that have a feeling of use or lack of accessories.
  • ✅Size: Length 11.61*Width 8.11*Height 2.28 in, Weighing range: 0.1lb~22lb (The maximum bearing weight is 10 kg, which is 22 lbs. It is recommended to control it within 7 kg (15 lbs)),Material: Plastic ,Power: 2 knots AAA battery(Not included, you need to purchase and install it yourself) ;Screen uses high resolution LCD display with clear readings Beautiful and fashionable

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