SWASHPOINT Embroidery Kit for Beginners | 3 Cross Stitch Kits with Embroidery Hoops and Embroidery Floss | Hand Drawn Embroidery Patterns | Needlepoint Kits and Crafts for Adults

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This embroidery kit has been carefully designed and prepared to provide our customers with the best experience possible. This kit contains 3 embroidery patterns which will help you get accustomed to the 3 basic stitch techniques. Setting up the Embroidery Hoop 1) Loosen the metal screw to separate the hoops. 2) Place the inner hoop on a flat surface and place your embroidery fabric over it, making sure the pre-printed pattern is located in the center. 3) Press the outer frame on top of the embroidery fabric. If needed, further loosen the screws so you are not pushing too hard to get the outer ring in. 4) Tighten the screws to secure the two rings and fabric together. 5) Place the rings downwards on a clean flat surface and pull the fabric in evenly all directions so that the fabric is taut. 6) Tap the fabric – if it sounds like a drum, the fabric is now taut enough. 7) Tighten the screws again to ensure the fabric does not move. [NOTE] The fabric should not be left in the hoop for long periods of time to avoid stretching or color rings. If you think you will take a break for a while, if is recommended you take it out of the hoop and set it up again when you are ready to continue. Finishing Touches The pattern is pre-printed using soluble ink. It can be washed out by soaking in lukewarm water with soap (10-20 mins) and lightly rinsing it. It can be patted dry, left out to air dry then ironed with low heat if necessary. [NOTE] Please keep away from water and do not iron until you have completed the design as the pre-printed pattern will disappear. The finished pattern can be framed on the hoop, or used for various home décor, i.e. wall frames, cushions & pillows, etc. You can get creative with the paper copy pattern included and use it on different types of fabric with any color combination you like.


  • [BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE EMBROIDERY KIT] Included in this kit are full range materials for 3 hand drawn embroidery patterns – you will find 3 pre-printed embroidery fabric, 3 natural bamboo embroidery hoops, 2 embroidery needles & 1 thread guide per pattern and an instructions booklet designed to take you step by step through to completion.
  • [STANDOUT FEATURES] This embroidery kit has been carefully created to elevate your embroidery journey. The selected patterns are unique in that they have been hand drawn and a paper copy of each pattern has been included in the package so you can re-use the pattern by tracing it onto different fabrics of your choice. Individual skeins of embroidery floss are provided so you will have a sufficient amount of floss to work on additional products.
  • [GREAT ARTS AND CRAFTS FOR EVERYONE] Are you a beginner or experienced with this craft? These embroidery kits are perfect for both. For beginners, welcome to the world of embroidery! For experienced crafters, hope you enjoy a new project! Take a moment for yourself to just focus on your handiwork. Experience the deeply satisfying journey of creating something beautiful.
  • [SPECIAL GIFT & BEAUTIFUL DECOR ITEM] Do you wish to gift a loved one the experience of embroidery? Or a beautiful creation of your handiwork? Each of our embroidery kits comes packaged individually in a box perfect for gift giving or framing the completed pattern in the bamboo wood hoop can be a meaningful gift as well. It can also be displayed or used to compliment your home décor!
  • [100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED] Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. In case of any issues, please contact us within 30 days.

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