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3 Contact Lens Suction Holders per order Having trouble inserting and removing your soft contact lenses? Well this is the product for you then! Our Approved Contact Lens Remover has literally changed people’s lives when it come to handling their contact lenses. Although the manufacture describes the product as suitable for both soft and hard contact lenses, years of experience and customer feed back has shown us that the product works best for soft contact lenses. We have a separate listing for a hard rgp contact lens remover which is orange in colour. The inserter will work well with the majority of monthly and daily contact lens cases. Due to all the materials involved in manufacturing contact lenses, it is possible that this will not work with a small number of lenses. We will of course accept returns on any unused contact lens removers. Each contact lens remover tool is completely sterile and is sealed in a hard plastic case. We recommend that you replace your every 1-3 months depending on use and cleanliness. The contact lens suction holder could not be easier to use. You simply remove the lens from the Blister or contact lens case, Allow for the lens to take shape and some of the solution to come off. With the lens sitting on somewhere sterile (not your finger) squeeze the suction holder and press it gently against the surface of the lens. Then carefully insert it into the eye. To remove the lens simply reverse the process. Please always take great care and go slow at first. Yes it may be possible to buy contact lens removers online and in stores like Target , Walgreens, Walmart, and we do sell these contact lens removers on Amazon and Ebay as well. Our products are some of the biggest sellers on the retail giants like Amazon. But we can offer you excellent value and service when you purchase direct from Product Size 29.88 x 7.92 x H7.92mm


  • ☑️ EASY TO USE: Before using, don’t go straight in and put liquid in it, it helps to take it out better. Aim at the contact lens and push the hollow part of the remover, and the Cons will attach to the stick. Carry with care and ease to remove your lens with ease and comfort. It is easy to use and handle with ease and comfort. Store your lenses using this holder at safe and clean place.
  • ☑️ SECURE YOUR EYE CONTACTS: Easy to assemble your contacts with this holder and keep it away from germs and allergens. Guard your lenses with purity and secure them at one organised place. Keeping it safe enhances better vision for your lenses. Storing your contacts in contacts cases and using this suction holder you can easily remove or insert your lenses easily.
  • ☑️ SAFETY MATERIAL FOR YOUR CONTACTS: This contact lens remover is made of silicone. Comfortable and much more sanitary than using fingers. It helps you to keep your lenses safe and secure from harmful allergens. It is safe for your lenses and hold your lenses securely without damaging its edges. Safety handy took for your delicate lens.
  • ☑️ WON’T HARM YOUR DELICATE LENS: This suction holder is soft and gentle to remove or insert your lenses from your lens case. It develops grip to handle the core area of your lenses. It is safe for your lens material and won’t harm your eye contacts. Easy to carry lens and wear it with ease and comfort. Develops an easy contact with the surfaces of your lens which helps you to hold your lenses with ease!
  • ☑️ SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE WAY: Its simple use make your journey comfortable where you can carry it with you at every steps of your routines! It helps you to remain hassle free from drooping your contact lenses. It can be used in a very simplified and effective way without damaging your eye contacts! Just hold it gently and remove or insert lens with suction holder. Easy and simplified convenience near you!

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This is absolutely the best time to buy. Don’t miss out, there's 93% probability of this price being higher soon. Buy now.

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