RUILLSEN Laundry Dye Absorption 24 Count Sheets,Home Household Supply Dye Trapping Color Grabber Collector Keeper Stain Remover Sheets Combine Dye Absorption In Wash Machine for Homecoming Dress

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The most frequently asked questions of customers Q1: Does this help after color bleed from a previous wash?No, it won't take out the black dye that's already bled into the white shirt but it will avoid it from getting worse. Q2: I am sensitive to scent, does this have a fragrance?No it doesn’t, it is absolutely zero scent. Q3: Can I wash blacks with whites with these? Also colors with blacks?Yes! Use two or three sheets if colors are very bright or new. But certain large dark colored items (such as towels) should always be washed separately. Q4: Can it be reused?NO, throw it away after use. DIRECTION FOR USE1.Place 1 sheet in washing machine then addwashing powder and clothing. Use 2 or more sheets for large loads or loads with new, dark, or non-colorfast garments.2.Turn on washing machine as usual.3.Discard sheet(s) after use, and you can see the color are on the sheet. Safety WarningWhen using a front loading washing machine, place the Dye Catcher sheet in a mesh bag and place at the back of machine before adding to the wash load. IndicationsMix whites, lights, and colors without worrying about color runs or bleeding. Trap loose dyes released during the wash cycle. At the end of the wash, the dye come out on the Dye Catcher sheet. Ingredients Ruills, people on the go.b.Baby's parents;Growing child? put color catcher(fragrance free) in the washing machine to reduce the trouble! 【Service】If you have any problems with the product please free to contact us.We are always here for you.


  • ☑HOME LAUNDRY ASSISTANT - keep your home clean even more. Is there an increase in the amount of laundry isolated at home? Is laundry becoming more frequent? RUILLSEN Dye Trapping Sheets is the best choice for you. Wash them together without worrying about dyeing. Don't fret, keep the body & mind happy and the environment healthy, bacteria will stay away from you.
  • ☑Lock Color: our washer sheets contains high activity absorption factor, absorbing dye&dirt in water helps maintain color and to prevent dyes from running or bleeding onto other clothes, meanwhile, keeping the original color of the clothes from being dyed. ☑Fragrance Free&Wash Care: NO worry about allergies,RUILLSEN dye catcher is suitable for any group of people (infants, pregnant women and allergic people), NO worry about allergies! ; Safe for all colorfast washables and water temperatures.
  • ☑Energy Saving: protect the environment when saving water and electricity; No longer need to sort clothes, no longer need to stack the same color type of clothing, no longer need to wait, no longer need to fear the color to dye your beautiful clothes. It's even easy to teach kids to wash their clothes with RUILLSEN color catcher, and don't worry about the colorful clothes being cross-colored!
  • ☑Applicable Situation: Great for sweaters, blouses, jeans&delicates, even wool&cashmere; RUILLSEN color catcher is especially suitable for people who have less laundry and are not convenient to wash separately, such as a family of two, students living on campus, solitary people, and people on the go.
  • ☑When used as directed, RUILLSEN Color Run Remover is your best chance to remove unwanted dye stains from whites and colorfast fabrics. RUILLSEN Color Run Remover can be used to brighten whites and it may even restore the original color of some colorfast garments that have become dingy by dye from other items. Back to school, shine with others in bright white clothing!

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