RIMSports Baseball Practice Balls, Limited Flight Hollow Plastic Practice Baseballs for Hitting (12 Pack) Plastic Baseball Balls for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Plastic Softballs for Golf and Baseball

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Why buy RIMSports plastic balls for baseball training ? 1. These plastic baseballs are engineered to deform on impact to prevent cracking and for improved safety and limit travel distance 2. The plastic material automatically regains it's original shape after the softball training balls is hit 3. These hollow limited flight baseballs can be used with all types of training bats IMPROVE YOUR TECHNIQUE Manufactured using lightweight plastic with a hollow inside, the plastic softball are an alternative for players hoping to improve their pitching and/or batting. The lightweight material lets pitchers perfect the complexities of their tosses HOMERUN Similar to players practicing their pitching abilities, these plastic practice balls are an promising path for players wanting to work on hitting curveballs and sliders. These hollow plastic baseballs travel at slower speed, making it easier for players to respond and react to the throw and change their swing. These whiffle balls are an absolute necessity or players wanting to play serious baseball and improve their game. ULTIMATE DURABILITY The holes in the ball absorb the impact of hard swings when batters aim for a home run and also will limit the range. The material of the whiffle ball keeps it in shape throughout hard practices and training sessions. The plastic design is easy to clean and will withstand all weather conditions in an outdoor environment, including dirt, mud, and rain BENEFITS OF PLASTIC PRACTICE BALLS 1. Improves handeye coordinations 2. Better pitching skills 3. Advance bat swings PRACTICE BASEBALL FEATURES : 1. Pop back technology to get back its original shape even after getting hit 2. Vibrant colors for high visibility 3. Multi color options for your need 4. Contoured design for versatile use 5. Lightweight for a safe practice play 6. High quality material for an enhanced durability


  • VIBRANT COLOR: Pack of 12 limited flight reduced impact brightly colored baseball training balls, so you'll never lose a softball batting practice balls again when you are playing baseball or golf. Master and excel your techniques!
  • CONVENIENCE: Play and practice indoors or outdoors in places you normally are unable to hit baseballs due to surroundings. A must-have batting and bowling training aid for any baseball player!
  • SQUISHY and STURDY: These RIMSports practice baseballs for hitting are made with squishy plastic which allows them to pop right back into their original shape after they're hit! They are 100% durable!
  • VERSATILE USE: Use training baseballs to play softball, baseball, golf balls, paddle games, catch, street hockey or other ball games, indoors or outdoors. Our soft baseballs for kids can also be used as practice golf balls
  • PERFORMANCE: These baseball practice balls have weight and density propotional to the real baseball and mimics the performance that allows for a true flight path and provides instant feedback and yet are safe

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