Reusable Food Wrap, Cling Film, Baking Sheet - Better than Beeswax Food Wrap, Sustainable 100% Food Grade Silicone - Food Storage, Wrap, Seal & Bake Wide Cut Any Size (Blue, 4.90)

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Clingwise wrap is is a reusable clingwrap allowing you to wrap, seal and bake without the need for clingfilm or saran wrap / plastic wrap, baking paper or foil. Reusable cling wrap that really clings! Clingwise by Tasman & Co is a great choice for wrapping, sealing and baking and can be used over and over again without having to waste so much plastic. Nice and stretchy unlike beeswax wraps The wrap can become more sticky with over time and also mositure on any service may affect its ability to stick as well so try to use dry surfaces. Clingwise wrap can withstand temperatures up to 230°C (446°F) and is very stretchy and can easily stick to food containers and bowls etc, especially itself in order to wrap food and create a seal to protect your food, while saving the planet at the same time. No more need to use cling film, saran wrap, foil or baking paper! Being 100% food grade silicone means that it can be used in the oven without any funny smells that some silicone composite products off gas when baked. Made From Created from the same rubber as infant and medical products, the Clingwise Wraps are made from 100% pure silicone, with no fillers. Silicone is a rubber that contains oxygen bonded with silicon, a natural element that is abundant in sand and rock. Food grade silicone is known for its heat-resistant and rubber-like qualities and is safe for the oven, microwave, fridge, and freezer. It is what they call a “stable compound”, meaning that it will not change the flavour or release odours that might affect food quality. These are better than beeswax wrap and silicone flip wraps


  • CLINGWISE WRAP BY TASMAN & CO is a re usable, non-toxic food grade silicone wrap that replaces cling film / plastic wrap, aluminium foil & baking paper. You can now cover your food, seal and bake without single use plastic, paper or foil. This is so much better for the environment. The pack contains a large roll that can be cut to any size you like for wrapping sealing and baking. Its also much better and more useful than beeswax wraps but still helps reduce plastic waste.
  • CUT THE CLINGWISE WRAP TO YOUR DESIRED LENGTH - 4.9ft / 1.5 Metre roll of Clingwise silicon wrap - Have you ever been in the situation where your environmentally friendly wrap just doesn't fit the piece of food you are trying to cover? Well our high quality food grade silicone reusable wrap is the answer to that problem! With our wrap you can just roll off the required length and cut it to size. Cut a piece to fit your baking tray and a few more pieces for food covers etc
  • REUSABLE & EASY TO CLEAN: Food wraps such as beeswax food wraps & stretch lids don't get more user friendly and versatile. Feel Good about using this guilt free sticky, stretchy wrap that really seals and lets you save while also saving the planet and use it for more things than other bowl covers and wraps such as bees wax wraps NOTE that the wrap does come with a plastic backing sheet keep it clean and allow it to be produced and packed. Peel this off to either store the wrap, or recycle
  • SELF STICKING LIKE CLING FILM / PLASTIC WRAP & USE IN THE OVEN OR MICROWAVE Easy to manage so you can easily cover food or any bowl or container. It creates a good seal on bowls, and you can wrap any shaped items, especially since you can easily cut the size you want. Its very stretchy and sticky so you can easily create an airtight seal on any container, cup, glass, plate or bowl etc, big or small. Also use as a baking sheet or food cover, can be used up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit
  • EASY TO WASH - To clean, all you need is soap and water, or even just pop it in the dishwasher or washing machine, then you can just leave to air-dry or dry with a cloth and they'll be ready to re use again many times. Unlike beeswax wraps, you can use with hot food, hot water, dishwashers, microwaves and ovens. The wrap is BPA free and contains no petrochemicals or lead. It can breathe, doesn't smell or retain food odour, just wash it and use over and over for many years

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