Primula Classic Stovetop Espresso and Coffee Maker, Moka Pot for Italian and Cuban Café Brewing, Greca Coffee Maker, Cafeteras, 6 Espresso Cups, Red

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Primula’s Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker delivers six perfect demitasse servings of rich, authentic espresso or Cuban coffee. Stove top expresso makers are popular because you can make quality espresso quickly, without the hassle of electric espresso machines. Primula’s Stovetop Espresso Maker is compact and easy to use. Its distinctive design provides even heat distribution for enhanced flavor and aroma. Included in each box are easy step-by-step instructions to make the perfect serving of espresso the very first time. Simply fill the lower chamber with water, fill the filter with ground coffee, and place on stovetop. Within minutes, delicious, bubbling espresso will fill the pot. Remove from heat and enjoy! This cast aluminum espresso maker features a safety-release valve, a major factor in controlling the quality of your espresso. It controls the pressure with which the water is delivered to the coffee grounds. This stovetop Cuban coffee and espresso maker allows you to make delicious espresso without worry, as the safety release valve controls the pressure at a set, pre-determined level. This sturdy coffee maker is carefully crafted of strong, long-lasting cast aluminum and features a flip-top lid with a temperature resistant knob and handle that allows for easy, safe pouring.


  • EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN: The Primula 6-Cup Aluminum Espresso Maker features a modern, stylish design with a high-quality aluminum body. The handle is made from a heat resistant plastic that not only provides you with a firm and reliable grip, but also allows your hand to stay cool during use. Its efficient layout forces pressurized water through coffee grounds, and deposits a rich, full bodied espresso blend into the serving chamber
  • FIRST USE INSTRUCTIONS: Unscrew the top and remove the filter funnel from the base. Locate the filter plate and rubber washer, and remove both. Wash all parts in hot water and then reassemble. It is recommended that your first espresso be thrown away as to ensure the optimal taste of ensuing brews
  • HISTORY OF ESPRESSO: Espresso is a specialty coffee brewed by forcing small amounts of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. Espresso is generally thicker and more highly concentrated than coffee brewed by other methods, often featuring a creamy foam on top. Espresso was invented in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century by Luigi Bezzera. Bezzera invented a method of creating coffee using steam pressure, providing a quick way to make a single cup of coffee. The original Italian name meant "pressed coffee," with a connotation of speed and efficiency
  • SUBSEQUENT USES AND CLEANING: To use, fill the base with fresh water up to the level of the safety valve and insert the filter funnel. Fill the filter funnel with finely ground coffee (do not press down), and screw the assembled top firmly to the base. Place the espresso maker on low to medium heat, and within 3-5 minutes, delicious espresso will fill the serving chamber. Serve immediately. To clean, hand wash only. Do not use a dishwasher.

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