PQWQP Garden Sprinkler, Upgrade Automatic Lawn Water Sprinkler 360 Degree Rotation Irrigation System, Large Area Coverage, Quick Leakproof Connection, Garden Hose Sprinkler for Outdoor Yard Kids

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Are you tired to water your garden and lawn manually? Worried that the Summer heat beats up your lawn? Do your kids and dogs want to have fun outdoors? PQWQP 360 Automatic Rotating Adjustable Garden Water Sprinkler is A Essential Irrigation System for Your Yard Lawn. Efficient Irrigation System: PQWQP garden sprinkler works well with 360 degree automatic rotating, with 3 kind adjustable arms and design with 36 units diffierent angle spray nozzles, you could adjust different nozzle modes freely according the spray distance you need. It's an efficient irrigation helper and save your water & time for your yard. According to your own needs, you can connect multiple sprays in series. The more in series, the smaller the spray pressure. If there are more than 5 to first consider whether the water pressure is sufficient or there is no booster, etc. Adjustable Nozzles Design PQWQP yard sprinkler is allowed to adjust the spray coverage range from 32.8ft to 49.2ft according to the different nozzles modes. under 60PSI, up to 32.8ft with 5 holes per arm, 42.7ft with 4 units per and49.2ft with 3 units per arm. Important Notice: 1.The garden sprinkler needs 21.34 PSI for spin at least & the Spray Distance depends on the nozzles mode & water pressure. 2. Please don't screw the spray head into the base TOO TIGHT, otherwise it can't rotate better. 3. Each nozzle arm needs to be switched and locked into position and hear a CLICK sound which means it is in the right place. More Accessories: 1*Male-Male Quick Connect Adaptor 1*Threaded Hose Quick Connect Adaptor 1*Female-Male Quick Connect Adaptor 1* Mesh Filter Washer


  • Powerful Irrigation: PQWQP garden water sprinkler built in 3 adjustable rotating arms sprayer, the three different angles nozzle settings on each arm (3, 4 and 5 hole), and total 36 units different angle spray nozzles. The lawn sprinkler is increased 24 units spray nozzles than old version, delivers powerful irrigation to every corner of your garden.
  • Immense Spray Coverage: PQWQP water sprinkler spray range from 32.8ft-49.2ft under 60 PSI water pressure, control how far the sprinkler sprays by adjusting your water pressure. If your garden is small, in order to avoid spraying on neighboring houses or other places, you just need to turn the water pressure down at the spigot. Also, multiple sprinklers can be connected together to handle even larger areas and better lawn care to you.
  • 360 Degree Rotating Spray Water: PQWQP garden sprinklers can be rotated 360 degree to make sprays, need 21.34PSI WATER PRESSURE to spin AT LEAST. Its rotation is super-smooth, and the three nozzle settings on each arm (3, 4 and 5 hole) adjust spray 45-90 degrees upward and out. More nozzles cover an area closer to the base with a lesser distance reached, fewer nozzles increase the distance reached but will also leave a small area uncovered near the base.
  • Durable and High Quality: The yard sprinkler well built with strong ABS engineering plastic. Features stable base, internal thread and leak-proof, this yard sprinkler is designed to be stable, water-saving and constant long service time. Don’t let the light weight and plastic makeup deter you. This is a mighty effective sprinkler. Great for for concentrated areas but the adjustable heads allow for different reach and spray patterns as well.
  • PQWQP lawn garden hose sprinkler must be a great choice for you to irrigate lawn, lawn irrigation, garden watering, yard irrigation, agricultural field irrigation, square cooling. Have fun with your kid - It's an easy inexpensive way for kids and dogs to have fun outdoors. no-risk purchase satisfaction guaranteed we are extremely confident with our water sprinkler, 24 month full warranty, replacement or full refund

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