PetAZ Prong Collar for Dog Training, Adjustable Length, Heavy Metal Steel Chrome Painted Prong Collar/ Spike Choke/ Chain with Rubber Cap (3.0mm)

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Make sure you know how to properly fit the collar. A prong collar must be placed around a dog's neck in a specific manner to be safe and helpful for training purposes.A prong collar should sit right behind the ears and under the jaw. Placing the collar lower than this will make the collar ineffective.The part of the collar that hooks onto a leash should be facing upward, just behind a dog's ears. Never clip the collar below a dog's jaw or on the side of the neck.The collar should fit snugly as it doesn't move around from the proper place. If the collar is loose, consider removing one of the prongs. Use for only an hour at a time. A prong collar is a training device and not designed for longterm use. It is not your dog's primary collar and should not be used on casual walks or outings.It is dangerous to use a prong collar as your primary walking collar. Dogs learn by association. If, in the long term, your dog learns to associate pain with pulling he'll also learn to associate negativity with events that cause him to pull. Most friendly dogs pull in response to seeing other people and animals. If a prong collar is used on every walk, your dog will learn to associate people and animals with pain. With time, he'll become timid and even aggressive in the presence of others and might even begin growling and biting. Do not use a prong collar for a puppy. Prong collars are designed for larger, untrained dogs in order to teach leash manners. They are usually a last resort for dogs whose pulling problems are not resolved through other means. Puppies are new to walking and should not start off with the most intense level of training collar. Use a harness or gentle leader for walks. Take the collar off when you're not supervising your dog.


  • High-quality dog pinch collar, Size: Small, Long 19.7'', Dia 3mm.
  • Pinch collar / prong collar is a safe effective dog training tools with proper use
  • Uses prongs for gentle correction
  • Ajust the lenghth by adding/taking off pinches
  • 1 years' manufacturer's guarantee

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