OMO Snuff Bullet Metal Snuff Spoon Small Funnel Aluminium Alloy Snuff Bullet Kit Sealed Snuff Bottle with Spoon Rocket Snorter Dispenser Glass Snuff Bullet(5 pack)

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Will you feel convenient to enjoy snuff while travel or outside? Come and see this snuff bullets and glass vials! This snuff kit was designed by Ethan Smith who is a big fan of snuff. 【1 Aviation Grade Aluminium Snuff Bullet】● Bullet Snuff Snorter Aluminum Metal, get a full-metal jacket for your favorite snuff. Two-piece sturdy and compact metal bullet. Cool, stylish and discreet.● This attractive Snuff Dispenser is made from high-quality metal alloy. Perfect for your snuff enjoyment.● Leak-resistant rubber o'ring. Incorporates the traditional twist valve method for use● Refillable, Easy to use and convenient to carry, Easy to clean.● Length: 2.1 inch, capacity: 0.1 oz snuff【1 Aluminium Alloy Snuff Bottle】● Moisture-proof sealed snuff bottle with spoon, perfect for your snuff storage and use.● Also as aluminum vial pill box case bottle.● Length: 2.64 inch, capacity: 0.5 oz snuff【1 Glass Snuff Bullet】● Made of 2 parts: the acrylic top with twister and the bottom screw on cap. Simply unscrew the cap and fill the storage area with your snuff, replace the cap and open the valve to begin use. ● Small enough to carry in your pocket, purse or car glove box.● High Quality Acrylic Construction. Simple Use. Easily Portable● Length: 2.64 inch, capacity: 0.2 oz snuff【1 Glass Snuff Bottle】● A stylish and effective way to store your snuff, snuff vial with attached chain & spoon reaches to bottom of vial.● Small size. Refillable. ● Length: 2.25 inch, capacity: 0.2 oz snuff【1 Mini Funnel as Free Bonus】●Small plastic funnel for lab bottles, sand art, perfumes, spices, powder funnel, essential oils, recreational activities.OMO is a truly remarkable company offering superior quality snuff bullets. Hope you using this snuff kit to enjoy a more wonderful time!


  • 【5 Pack Snuff Kit--Perfect & Convenient for Snuff Fan】This snuff kit include 5 products: 1 white glass & acrylic snuff bullet [capacity: 0.2 oz], 1 white glass snuff bottle with spoon [capacity: 0.2 oz], 1 black aluminium alloy snuff bullet [capacity: 0.1 oz], 1 black aviation grade aluminium alloy snuff bottle with snuff spoon [capacity: 0.5 oz] and a free gift mini funnel. The 5-piece set solves all the problems of snuff lovers.
  • 【Moisture-proof Sealed Snuff Bottle, Large Capacity】The two snuff bottles in this set are each equipped with a spoon, so you can take out all of snuff easily. The black aluminum alloy snuff bottle has its own sealing ring, which can achieve a very good waterproof and moisture-proof effect. In addition, these snuff bullets and bottles can hold about 1 oz snuff. If you use 0.1 oz snuff per day, it can help you store 10 days snuff.
  • 【High Quality Materials, Enjoy Snuff Anytime & Anywhere】The metal bullet snuff is resistant to falling, which is convenient for you to use in various occasions such as going out, traveling, and working. The high-quality glass bullet snuff is beautifully designed, suitable for parties and private spaces to use. You can use small funnel to pack snuff to sub-bottle, you can carry more than one oz snuff anywhere, you can enjoy snuff anytime anywhere.
  • 【Beautiful Package, Convenient to Carry, Awesome Gift for Friends】The package of snuff bullets kit is very exquisite black gift box, which is suitable for friends as a gift. It is also very convenient to carry by yourself. The snuff bullet snorter allows you to take hits of snuff whenever you want with no mess. You don't even have to sit down, it's as easy as an inhaler for a blocked nose!
  • 【1-Year Quality Guaranty】: 100% satisfaction guaranty is our company's mission, since OMO is a truly remarkable company offering fashionable and superior quality snuff bullets. Any concerns about our products, contact us directly and we'll respond ASAP. Add to Cart now and join thousands of satisfied snuff fans worldwide.

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