OleOletOy Take Apart Toys for Kids, Building Educational STEM Toy for Toddler Boys and Girls Learning Motor Skills, Triceratops & Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys in Eggshell with Tools

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Excellent engineering and architecture playkit of triceratops and velociraptor dino figure toys with colorful design for the imagination, early learning, and brain-enhancing ability to make your kid concentrate, focus, practice construction or just tinker. Good quality dinosaur toys for boys or girls ages 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, orthopedic patient, adhd kids, and students of pediatric occupational therapist. Quiet toy dinosaurs models set made of durable and sturdy material with no squeaks and rattles, no sound or loud noise, you can bring it anywhere, classroom, indoors, outdoors, church, office, prekindergarten, nursery or elementary school, during travel, while waiting, without needing batteries. Montessori toy with interlocking parts you can play with, take-apart or rebuild and assemble back. It is a great addition to your jurassic world or paleonthology toy supplies and tools for homeschooling, playset, and fun activities indoors, especially since lately almost every kid is learning from home. Each creative dinosaur toy comes with its own set of tools and large, hard to lose screws. Tools are perfect size to fill little hands that don't have as much dexterity. Simple toy with colorful design and easy to assemble for comprehension of little ones, little kids, niece, nephews, grandkids, grandson, granddaughter, grandchildren. A good dinosaur toy to make them feel they achieve something by correctly putting back together the parts of each dinosaur. Your child can play with one set and another set can be used by his playmate. You may even have the other one to keep or give as great gift for somebody else.


  • ✔️ TAKE APART TOYS - Wonderful toy for toddlers who love dinosaurs, solving puzzles and repeatedly taking apart things then putting them back together using simple tools. The complexity is enough for 3, 4, or 5 year old toddlers to understand with the guidance of an adult. Watch your kids get excited as they attach together the parts and see the fulfillment in their eyes once the dinosaur is built. It gives them the feeling of doing mechanical or builder work like an adult.
  • ✔️ STEM EDUCATIONAL TOY - This is a perfect gender-neutral STEM toy that enhances cognitive development, imagination, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination & problem-solving skills. It is very good at keeping them focused and entertained. Your little ones will enjoy playing and enhancing their mechanical abilities and dexterity at the same time. It is great to keep them busy and occupied, lets them develop their thinking skills and correctly place the pieces to where they should be.
  • ✔️ GREAT FOR FUN FAMILY GAMES - Bond with your son/daughter, niece/nephew, or grandkids with this easy assembly creative toy that does not need batteries. Enjoy teaching them, guiding them on how to play with this interactive play kit and observe how they try to do it on their own. You can sit & play with them, taking apart and putting back together these toys as many times as your kiddos want. You can also use this as part of your school time at home to learn how to follow instructions.
  • ✔️ HIGH-QUALITY TOYS IN ATTRACTIVE COLORS - This toy is made with high-quality materials safe for kids. The package comes with 2 interesting unassembled Triceratops and velociraptor toys inside an egg with easy to follow instructions. This dino comes in random bright colors pleasing to your little one's eyes. Each of the dinosaurs has its own set of tools and screws so your child can play with a friend, brother, or sister and they can simultaneously work on assembling the dinosaurs.
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