Nextech DFS-X3000 (3000N/660lbf/300kgf) Digital Force Gauge with external S-Beam Load Cell, Peak/Track Mode, Pass/Fail LED,USB Output, Back-Lit Graphic LCD,Metal Enclosure

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DFS-X-Series digital force gauges are cost-effective tension and compression testing tools. External transducer are great for application that has limited space of mounting to load and for remote viewing from the load. Metal housings with large back-lit graphics LCD, these units fit perfectly in your hand. The display can be inverted, for a viewing that suit your testing position. Unit of measurement can be toggled by one simple key. Three modes of operation are easily selectable: Track mode displays live readings, Peak Compression and Peak Tension mode records the maximum reading sensed during the test. The gauge is ready to work without any setup. For a little more advance setup, the plain English language menu provide for simple setup of the instrument to your requirements. In Pass/Fail mode, programmable limits provide visual and audible indication if a test passes or fails. An analog bar graph provides perspective of current reading in comparison to the full scale range. The instruments can log up to several hundred readings at the push of a button. The data can be later viewed on screen, or sent to a computer through USB port. An easy to setup free windows based software program, with USB cable, are provided. DFS-Series are available from 1.1 to 6,600 lb ranges, providing a large testing capacities for various applications. This is an advance force gauge that suit both simple and professional application.


  • Made in Thailand. Power adapter/charger input 100-240 volts AC. NiMH rechargeable battery pack inside.
  • Accuracy better than 0.5% of FS (Full Capactiy) for Capacity 5N-1000N model. And 0.5% of FS (Full Capacity) for 3,000N-20,000N model. Tension or Compression Load. Peak Hold or Track Mode., 500 reading can be recorded on internal memory, for later viewing or download. Two M12 thread ball bearing holder provided, to attached to Load Cell.
  • Metal Enclosures. 2 Bearing Holder provided. Power by internal rechargeable NiMH battery pack or directly from wall plug charger.
  • Cable length between gauge and SBeam loadcell is 1 meter for 5N - 1000N and 2 meters(6.5 feet) for 3000N - 20,000N Capacity Model. Menu driven, digital graphic LCD display, with white back light. PC Software Graphic Plot Time/Force, latest version free downloadable from our web site
  • Complete set with carrying case, charger. For Capacity 3,000N-20,000N load cell with bearing holder are provided. on both end. Calibration Certificate included

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This is absolutely the best time to buy. Don’t miss out, there's 72% probability of this price being higher soon. Buy now.

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