MontoPack 300-Pack Holiday Party Mini Paper Baking Cups - No Smell, Safe Food Grade Inks and Paper Grease Proof Cupcake Liners Perfect Cups for Cake Balls, Muffins, Cupcakes, and Candies

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Monto Pack Cute cupcake liners in a rainbow of colors are going to turn your baking from bland to beautiful!

If you have a cupcake addiction which many of us do, then these bright colored cupcake liners are exactly what you need to have on hand in your kitchen!
This pack of 300 may last some of you a long time, while others may go through them in a week (depending on the severity of your cupcake addiction ? ).

Why We Have the Best Cupcake Molds!
? Food Grade Water Based Inks - Many other brands use oil-based inks which leach onto the muffin tin.
The water-based inks have no smell, no chemicals, and will not stain your muffin pans.

? Saves You Cleaning - The paper liners can be used inside a muffin tin or on their own on a baking sheet.
Either way, no need to scrub any reusable molds clean afterward.

? Cute Cupcake Liners - Throwing a party for kids or your spouse these funky brightly colored muffin molds are fun, festive and fabulous.

? Tested for Safety - Unlike another brand, we take our customer's health and safety seriously.
All the products have been tested through the safety standards and passed BRC, FSC, SEDEX.

? What's in the Box?
?? 60 white cupcake liners
?? 40 Blue Cupcake Liners
?? 40 Orange Cupcake Liners
?? 40 Green Cupcake Liners
?? 40 Pink Cupcake Liners
?? 40 Purple Cupcake Liners
?? 40 Yellow Cupcake Liners
Total - 300 Muffin/Cupcake Liners
Measure: 1.15-inch diameter - 3/4- inch depth.

Muffin Cups for Baking or Crafting!
We think muffins/cupcakes are the most versatile type of food in the world. You can bake all kinds from sweet, to savory to spicy.
Or instead of baking use your non-stick cupcake cups for crafts, bottle skirts, decorations,
or stick a straw through them and turn them upside down to keep bugs out of cups when outdoors.


  • 🎂 MULTI PACK / ENOUGH FOR THE WHOLE PARTY - How many cupcakes can you bake in one shot? With these greaseproof baking cups, you can bake 300 cupcakes/muffins in one batch and freeze for later. Use this bulk pack of muffin cups for parties, catering, or marathon baking sessions at home.
  • 🎂 NO SMELLS, NO POISON, NO LEAKING DYES - These muffin papers materials are all made of the best and safest material . The ink is water based not oil based. This will ensure NO SMELLS, NO POISON, NO LEAKING DYES. Use these baking cups worry free. Our baking cups have passed all tests for food safety including BRC, FSC, SEDEX.
  • 🎂 GORGEOUS RAINBOW COLORS - Dress up those little cupcakes with an array of brightly colored cupcake liners. The fluted greaseproof paper comes in 7 colors, white, hot pink, bright orange, sunshine yellow, gorgeous green, vivid blue, and deep purple paper cups. Nonstick cupcake holders means NO greasing beforehand.
  • 🎂 STRONG PLASTIC STORAGE TUBE - The convenient plastic storage tube will ensure your cupcake pan liners don't go flying all over your pantry or baking cupboard. Keep the paper muffin molds neatly in the tube and use as needed.
  • 🎂 NOT JUST FOR CUPCAKES - These multiuse paper muffin cup wrappers can be used for loads of different things. Try making your own peanut butter cups in them, serve yummy cake balls, nuts or candies, use them on popsicles to catch any drips or try your hand at muffin cup crafts.

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