Manual Coffee Grinder, Portable Coffee Bean Grinder with Conical Ceramic Burrs, Adjustable Settings, No-Power, for Espresso French Press Drip Coffee, Suitable for Camping and Home Use

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Descriptions: Though electric coffee grinder is popular in modern life, the manual coffee grinder could maintain original coffee flavor better, and could help you enjoy more funny grinding process. They’re designed to be highly efficient and reliable as well as super easy to use and maintain. Our manual coffee grinder is of adjustable grind control, whose function is to adjust ceramic burr, so that you can get beans grinded fine or coarse, and you can provide different coffee flavors for your lover or friends. The grinder, handle, and glass jar (plus lid) assemble in seconds so you can immediately start grinding your coffee just the way you want it. Cleaning is equally as simple as grinding. Disassemble in seconds, wipe and brush away any loose grounds and you're finished! Make your coffee the way you want it using our adjustable coffee grinder. It has 6 manual grind settings compatible with any of your brewing equipment: 1 - 2: Espresso Machine 3 - 4: Moka Pot 4 - 5: Pour Over 5 - 6: Chemex 6 - 7: French Press 7 - 8: Cold Brew Coffee Features: Ceramic burrs don't get dull or rusty. Low speed grind conserves coffee properties and aromas better. Lightweight and Portable. It’s a space-saving addition to your home coffee bar. You can also conveniently bring it with you on trips! Easy to Cleaning and Care Wipe the outside of the mill with soft, damp cloth. Never immersw the device into the water. To clean the inside of grinder, use a brush, clean any remaining coffee grounds and rinse the grinder. It's possible to disassemble the ceramic grinder if you want to clean completely. Allow all the parts too completely dry then reassemble the grinder.


  • Enjoy Your Coffee Time - Achieve decadent brews with this easy-to-use manual coffee grinder. Built with ceramic burr coffee grinder materials, this hand grinder creates freshly ground coffee for richer drinks. Switch to a coffee grinder manual kit for your enhanced coffee creations.
  • Adjustable Hand Grinder Setting -- Whether you’re using a moka pot, French press, pour-over filter, or espresso machine, our burr coffee grinder manual set is for you. Easily adjust the 8 grind settings without disassembling the grinder; no more fiddling with hard-to-adjust burrs and guessing the right grind size. Get a precise grind every time!
  • No Power and Portable -- This coffee grinder requires no power supply and can be used immediately at home or outdoors. The portable coffee grinder is designed with small and normcore, so that coffee lovers can carry it with them whether traveling or camping.
  • Ceramic Burrs -- Durable ceramic burr will not add heat during grinding, and will not damage the original flavor of coffee, better to grind beans before you brew coffee, best choice for coffee lovers.
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