Kitzini Macaron Silicone Baking Mats. 2 Half Macaron Mats. BPA-Free Cookie Sheet. Non Stick Macaron Baking Mat. Professional Grade Silicon Baking Mat. Perfect for Macarons, Macaroons, Pastry & Cookies

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Now you can cook like a professional chef in your own home, with Kitzini's Baking Mats. Our Mats will make you feel like a true domestic goddess whilst eliminating the worst part of cooking any meal... THE CLEANING!

Not only are our mats convenient to use, Kitzini's Silicone Baking Mats are non-stick with no need for fats or oils, meaning you can turn any baking tray into an easy to clean, healthy, dishwasher safe alternative.

Here at Kitzini, we believe that every cook, professional or amateur, deserves stylish, innovative products. That's why we search the globe for the best products, so you don't have to!

That is why when you order today you will get these amazing benefits

-Free eBook
- Now get an amazing eBook with fantastic, healthy recipe ideas written by the Kitzini Chef that help you make the most of your Baking Mat.

-Simple and easy to use
- Simply Bake, Wipe, Rinse and Air dry and your mats are ready to re-use. There will be no stopping you!

-Even distribution of heat
- Kitzini's silicone mats are different because they evenly distribute heat across the mat, meaning perfect results every time.

-Heat Management
- Our mats are heat resistant from minus 40°F to 450°F, microwave safe and provide an excellent non stick surface for rolling out pastry.

-Easy to Store
- Thanks to the high quality of our mats, they are easily store-able, simply roll up or lie flat in the drawer.

We at Kitzini are so confident that you will love our mats, and all the benefits that come with it, that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all of our products. So if there is an issue with your product for any reason, we will refund you in full!

So order now and cook like a professional chef, in your own home.

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  • ★PERFECT BAKING EVERY TIME: Kitzini's Silicone macaron mat is designed to provide even heat distribution which means all your baking is evenly cooked for consistent results. Our brilliant Silicone sheets for baking can stand temperatures from freezing up to 480°F! Perfect Silicone cookie sheets for baking or creating marvellous macarons that slide off the mat effortlessly or even crispy roasted veg. Your results will be just perfect.
  • ★BAKE LIKE A PROFESSIONAL AT HOME: Thanks to Kitzini's professional quality grade cookie sheets non stick, 0.75mm, thick silicone including full silicone coated edges to protect the fibre glass core and extend shelf-life. Glossy, soft mats with high elasticity, now everyone can bake like a pro. Using professional food grade sheets with a fibre glass core and sized to fit all standard half sheets (16.5" x 11 5/8").
  • ★IMPRESS WITHOUT THE MESS: Tired of scrubbing and soaking? We know how time consuming cleaning baking trays can be! Ditch the parchment paper and make your nonstick baking simple. Easy to clean - Toffee? Caramel? Crispy roast potatoes? Ditch the cleaning and keep the kitchen effortlessly gleaming. Simply wipe clean with warm soapy water. This well-kept chef's secret means there is less labour and more flavour! That's why we are the #1 choice for baking mats, our reviews speak for themselves!
  • ★CREATE DELICIOUS FAT FREE DISHES: Healthy meals need not be a chore thanks to Kitzini! Thanks to the non-stick surface of our Silicone pastry mat, there's no need for fats, oils, sprays or butter. Our pastry mats enable you to cook like a professional chef in your own home, and cook low fat meals that the whole family can enjoy. We have beautifully designed our baking set in bright, fun and friendly colors, so you too can get your children excited about healthy eating.<br><br>
  • ★FREE WITH EVERY PURCHASE: We are so pleased that our customers love our products. Without our loyal customer base we wouldn't be here. That's why we offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not completely satisfied. <br> <br> FREE BONUS eBOOK to help give you baking inspiration our free eBook packed with delicious recipes will be sent to your email soon after purchase.

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