In The Swim 25 Pound Alkalinity Increaser for Swimming Pools - Sodium Bicarbonate Multicolor

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In The Swim Pool Alkalinity Increaser is a fast dissolving, easy to use powder for all types of pools and spas. Proper Alkalinity and pH balance is key to maintaining healthy pool or spa water. Alkalinity helps to stabilize the pH balance in your pool. Alkalinity range for residential and commercial pools/spas should be between 80 - 120 ppm, with an ideal of 100 ppm. The pH scale is 1-14, residential and commercial pool/spas should be between 7.2 - 7.6 with an ideal of 7.4. If the pH and Alkalinity balance fluctuates too high or low, you can experience negative side effects. When Alkalinity is out of balance, it can cause corrosion, interior staining and scale build up. It may also make the pH balance swing high or low, making chlorine inefficient. Granular alkalinity increaser will help prevent these problems by stabilizing the pool or spa pH. Maintaining a balanced pH and alkalinity level ensures that your pool water is refreshing and enjoyable. The first step to maintaining proper Alkalinity is completing a water test. Water can be tested with a DPD/OTO droplet test kit, water test strips, or digital testing. Once a water test has been completed, start by adjusting Alkalinity. Alkalinity is the buffer for the pH. If the alkalinity level is low, add In the Swim Pool Alkalinity Increaser at a rate of 1½ pounds per 10,000 gallons. Pour the Alkalinity increaser in to a chemical-safe container and mix with at least 9 parts of water to dissolve. Pour the mixture around the perimeter of the pool/spa. The circulation system should be running. Test the water again after 3-4 hours. Repeat as needed until Alkalinity is within the desired range. Parts Per Million*


  • Granular Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Dosage: 1 1/2 pounds per 10,000 gallons will raise the alkalinity level approximately 10 ppm
  • Proper alkalinity level is 80-120 ppm

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