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Product Description THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER“Brilliant!” —Jeffery Deaver, New York Times bestselling author“Two well-chewed thumbs up.” —Gregg Hurwitz, New York Times bestselling authorAn addictive debut thriller starring an FBI consultant with a peculiar taste for crime and punishment… A boy vanishes on his way home from school. His frantic mother receives a ransom call: pay or else. It’s only hours before the deadline, and the police have no leads. Enter Timothy Blake, an FBI consultant with a knack for solving impossible cases but whose expertise comes at a price. Every time he saves a life, he takes one, trying to satisfy an urge he fears he can only control for so long. And this time Blake may have met his match. The kidnapper is more cunning and ruthless than any he’s faced before. And he’s been assigned a new partner within the Bureau: a woman linked to the past he’s so desperate to forget. Because he has a secret, one so dark he will do anything to keep it hidden. For fans of Dexter and Hannibal, Hangman introduces a darkly mesmerizing character whose skill at finding criminals comes from a knowledge that can only be learned firsthand. Review "Let's cut to the chase: Hangman is a great read! Jack Heath's boundless imagination and singular voice have produced a truly unique thriller. By turns, psychologically insightful, wonderfully disturbed and even darkly comedic, Hangman will keep you coursing through the pages at a lightning pace. Brilliant! (Probably best read with lights on and doors locked. I'm just saying.)" - Jeffery Deaver, New York Times bestselling author "Jack Heath's Hangman is a perverse, twisted take on a crime novel-and I loved every page of it. What a rarity to find a thriller as dark as a Palahniuk and as compulsively readable as a Patterson. Two well-chewed thumbs up for Hangman." - Gregg Hurwitz, New York Times bestselling author "Jack Heath's writing grabs you by the throat, gnaws on your bones, and washes it all down with a hefty dose of funny. Sick, twisted, violent, and oh so good. In Timothy Blake, Heath has created a one-of-a-kind character. I hope." - Emma Viskic, award-winning author of And Fire Came Down and Resurrection Bay "In the age of the anti-hero, morally ambiguous characters compel readers to empathize with and root for them, despite their troubled natures and character flaws. Enter Timothy Blake ... a civilian consultant with the FBI, who, in exchange for aiding investigations, is permitted access to death row inmates to temporarily satisfy his voracious appetite for human flesh. Yes, the hero of Jack Heath's debut adult novel is a cannibal detective. Readers able to abide this grisly affliction will easily lose themselves in this dark, bone-rattling thriller. ... In Hangman, Blake and FBI agent Reese Thistle face a ruthless kidnapper who has abducted a 14-year-old boy ... Hangman is ghoulish fun, and fills the Dexter- and Hannibal-shaped holes in our lives." - Bookseller & Publisher "A vivid and disturbing thriller. ... A grisly, efficiently written nail-biter packed with riddles and suspense, Hangman has bestseller written all over it." - The Age "Prose so hard-boiled it will crack your teeth." - Gordon Reece, author of Mice "The hero of Jack Heath's Hangman is certainly a monster, but strangely, ever so strangely, oddly likeable. ... This novel is all about tempo and character." - Weekend Australian "An enjoyable, fast-paced read perfect for readers with strong stomachs." - Booklist About the Author First published as a teenager, Jack Heath is the award-winning author of more than twenty fiction titles for young adult and middle-grade readers. He lives in Australia.

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