Gifts Dual Foot Massager Roller - Unique Gifts for Men, Women, Mom, Dad, Teacher - Original Shiatsu Massage for Foot, Leg, Back - Relax & Relieve Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Stress Relief

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Daily work requires us to stand or sit for a long time. We are often exhausted after work.Our wooden foot massager is small and light, so you can relax your feet anytime, anywhere without going out. Foot massager's ten rotating toothed rollers provide better massage for foot muscles, tendons and ligaments. The stimulation of the foot massager roller is transmitted from the plantar nerve endings to the brain and the brain transforms into a relaxed feeling to convey the whole body, thereby relaxing the body Benefits of foot massage (and massagers): 1. Foot massager roller stimulate the acupuncture points on the feet, promote blood circulation and metabolism, improve your sleep quality, and let your brain get enough oxygen to make you refreshed 2. Foot massager roller improves high blood pressure, muscle aches and joint pain. 3. Foot massager roller gradually improves foot problems. 4. Foot massager roller helps treat knee inflammation, arthritis and relieve joint pain. 5. Foot massager roller relieves edema, varicose veins and leg paralysis. 6. Long-term use foot massager roller can improve insomnia more effectively and strengthen the function of the digestive system Package Includes: 1 x Wooden Foot Massager Roller 1 x Instruction manual 1 x Box


  • Benefits with Foot Massager - Wooden foot massager consists of ten wooden roller bars, each of which has a concave and convex gear-like design that produces different pressure to enhance the stimulation of the acupuncture points on the soles, foot massager roller can greatly relieve foot pain,improve blood flow and help to relax and restore tired feet. Foot massager roller is very easy to use.The curved surface can be adapted to the massage of different parts of the body
  • Deep Foot Acupressure - According to the traditional Chinese medicine theory, the human body is covered with many acupuncture points and certain acupoints have a miraculous effect on specific diseases.The various organs and parts of the human body have corresponding reflection points on the foot. Massage these reflection points to regulate organ function and relieve pain
  • Applicable and Portable Foot Massager - It has been designed based on the ancient principle of reflexology. Foot massager roller is large enough for both feet, but also compact enough to easily store away or carry in a small bag. Use foot massager roller whether you are working, resting, watching TV or traveling. Wooden foot massager is an excellent and affordable option for those that prefer a natural and simple device to soothe foot or heel pain
  • Foot Massager Use in Two Ways - Acupressure mode requires you to place your foot completely on the foot massager roller, hold for a few seconds and then release. If you choose kneading massage, just roll your feet back and forth instead of pressing hard. If you want to have more benefits, you only need to do it several times a day, especially if your schedule is busy and it is difficult to take time to relax
  • Original Shiatsu Massager - MagicMakers foot massager roller with a lifetime guarantee. Foot massager is a pure natural wood massager, 100% Brand new and high quality. This roller foot massager applies pressure at all the relevant points of your foot penetrating the stiff and tired muscles and relaxing them. Foot roller massager made of durable and high-quality Theaceae wood. Foot massager roller is sturdy and stable suitable for all sizes of feet

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