Food52 Dynamite Chicken: 60 Never-Boring Recipes for Your Favorite Bird [A Cookbook] (Food52 Works)

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Product Description A game-changing collection of 60 new-fashioned chicken recipes from chef Tyler Kord and Food52, the award-winning online kitchen and home destination. Sautéed, fried, or nestled in a sheet pan, chicken is a clear winner for home cooks around the world--from jerk chicken and chicken adobo to Vietnamese chicken noodle soup, pho ga. But because chicken is so popular, you may feel like you've run out of new ways to love it. That's where Food52 and Tyler Kord come in, bringing you a clever collection of deliciously inventive chicken dishes. In this book, you'll find creative recipes for every occasion: Winning weeknight dinners and ambitious-but-worth-it weekend projects; meals to impress guests and satisfy picky kids; and cozy comfort foods to curl up with. Tyler's new classics will soon join your regular recipe lineup, with dishes like Roast Chicken with All of the Vegetables in Your CSA, Broiled Chicken Thighs with Plum Tomatoes & Garlic, Patrick's Fried Chicken with Spicy Pickles, and Tangy Rose's Lime-Glazed Wings. He throws in a few surprises, too, like Chicken & Kimchi Pierogies and Spicy Parmesan Chicken Potpie, along with an ingenious combination of chicken and lasagna (called Chickensagna, naturally). And thanks to handy how-tos on carving, trussing, spatchcocking, making stock from scratch, and much more, you'll learn every chicken trick in the--well--book. So even if chicken's already your trusty dinner go-to, Dynamite Chicken will have you eating lots more of it, and never getting bored. Review “Makes the original white meat exciting again“ —Chowhound “Best New Cookbooks“   “Kord’s creations are versatile and inventive. . . . These recipes will inspire home cooks to jazz up the popular bird for weeknight dinners or weekend entertaining.” —Publishers Weekly “[Kord] is just the guy to bust us all out of our dreaded chicken cutlet rut.” —Cup of Jo About the Author FOOD52 was founded by Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs--two authors and opinionated home cooks who formerly worked for the New York Times--to celebrate home cooks and give them recipes, cookbooks, and home goods all in one spot. TYLER KORD is chef-owner of No. 7 Restaurant, which was named one of the top 10 new restaurants in the country by Bon Appétit, and the author of A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches. He attended the French Culinary Institute and has worked with chefs Alain Sailhac and Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Introduction I am enamored of chicken. To me, it’s the most delicious meat of all of the meats. Sure, steak’s great, and who doesn’t love bacon? (Except people who don’t like bacon for extremely valid reasons separate from its deliciousness.) But chicken’s affordability, versatility, and ease make it a clear favorite, and not just for me. Some of the world’s most popular recipes involve chicken, from jerk chicken to chicken adobo to pho ga (Vietnamese chicken noodle soup). Heck, in my home state of New York, many of our favorite meals start with chicken. One dish, Buffalo wings, became one of the most famous foods on planet Earth! And there’s Cornell Chicken, a barbecue dish beloved by my hometown—but we’ll get to that in a minute. So who am I? I’m a chef with a restaurant in Brooklyn called No. 7, and I’m often called “that broccoli guy” or “that sandwich guy” or “that broccoli sandwich guy.” But we also proudly serve Cornell Chicken, fried chicken, and tons of chicken sandwiches. I’m also starting to admit I’m a writer: I wrote a book about sandwiches, one about broccoli, and sometimes I write articles that get nominated for James Beard Awards (okay, that happened once and I didn’t win, and if you’re bored, you can just skip to the recipes!). What I’m not is someone who thinks there are “good” and “bad” ingredients. Chicken often gets drawn into this debate—are chicken legs or whole chickens better than boneless, skinless breasts? To me, the

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