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What is the Radiation Glove? The Radiation Glove is an energized chip for smart devices that utilizes Bio-Armor Technology to be used on all cell phones, smart pads, laptops, computers, microwaves, wifi boxes, Televisions and all devices that emit EMF’S (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) Radiation. Did your mom ever tell you not to stand in front of the microwave? Well, people may refer to cell phones as mini microwaves because the cell phone shares the microwave frequency range. The microwave runs on a frequency scale of .3GHz-300GHz. You probably do not know, that cell phones run on these same microwave frequencies, just on the lower end of the scale, 3G or 4G networks. Shhh! Don?t tell your mom. We are using Bio-Armor Technology and Energetic Infusion Technology in a high quality, durable, stylish chip.   ✓ Supports: Reduced Eye Strain, Reduced Headaches, Reduced Fatigue, Muscle Strength, Reduced Brain Fog ✓ Small size ideal for a variety of devices?✓ Tested on hundreds of patients: men, women, and children✓ Ideal for a variety of individuals: Children/Teenagers, Parents, Social Media Junkies, Businessmen, Police, Military, Athletes, Gamers ? The Entire Family! Heaven’s Energy is a Pittsburgh company run by Americans. We stand by our products 100%. If you are unsatisfied for any reason we will send you your money back. No. Questions. Some people call their product: emf protection emf blocker emf shield anti radiation cell phone case emf protection bracelet emf protection blanket orgone pyramid orgonite defender shield organite pyramid faraday healing negative ion bracelet personal protection devices faraday fabric orgone generator orgone accumulator defendershield cell phone radiation protection sticker electromagnetic radiation blocker emf protection radiation device electronic radiation protection emf blocker


  • HIGH POWER PROTECTION - Don't trust just anyone with protecting your loved ones from harmful radiation. Radiation Glove has been extensively tested on hundreds of people with outstanding results. You simply have to try it to feel the difference!
  • MADE WITH PREMIUM MATERIALS: The Radiation Glove utilizes specialized solid coloring matter suspended in a liquid medium and applied as a protective coating to the distinct material of the Radiation Glove. The Radiation Glove's unique make-up is then able to be given specific interference signals or Energetic Infusions through a specialized process called Energic Infusion Technology almost like a recording on a cassette tape or DVD.
  • LOOKS AWESOME, EASY TO USE: Our Radiation Glove uses the best adhesive on the market, you will never worry about losing it. Stick it to the back of any of your devices - Phone, Laptop, Tablet, and forget about it!
  • QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE: Heaven's Energy is a Pittsburgh company run by real Americans. We have you covered for all your electronic EMF device needs!
  • SUPPORTS RELIEF FOR ALL YOUR MOST ANNOYING SYMPTOMS: Get headaches when using your phone too long? Sitting at computer all day? Feeling unexpected fatigue or agitation? Experiencing Brain Fog after sitting in front of your computer all day? Have insomnia or decreased libido? Our Anti Radiation Protection device is designed to harmonize the root of the problem, the harmful EMF radiation being emitted from your devices.  (Tesla EMF protection Computer radiation protection phone accessories bundle)

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