Double Jigger Set by Barvivo - Measure Liquor with Confidence Like a Professional Bartender - These Stainless Steel Cocktail Jiggers Holds 0.5oz / 1oz - The Perfect Addition to Your Home Bar Tools.

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"Ready To Mix Delicious Drinks In Just Seconds With Full Control, Precision And Confidence? This Double Jigger Set Is Your Answer! See What You've Been Missing."

-Premium Quality Jiggers, Maximize The Control and Precision. This Is What You've Been Missing.-

Want to create the most flavorful, zesty cocktails with style? Sick of spending so much on mixed drinks that you could be making right at home? Forget going out for a good drink; you'll blow your guests away with this. It's super easy and money-saving. Durable stainless steel jiggers which measures 1 ounce and 0.5 ounce -nothing else compares.

-Be Able To Mix Cocktails Knowing That The Measurements Are Correct Because Of Your New Jiggers! Your Party Just Got So Much Better.-
You're here for a reason...give these a try. The money you'll save and impression you'll make on guests is going to far exceed the price you're paying. If you've tried other products (even other jiggers) but weren't NEED to give ours a try!

PLEASE STOP AND READ THIS BEFORE BUYING OTHER JIGGERS ONLINE OR IN A STORE... Most sellers don't want you knowing PURE stainless steel is the secret to long-lasting double jiggers. Be careful, cheap jiggers made from imitation metals leave nasty aftertastes and won't last nearly as long as ours. Don't compare by price alone!

---> Simply Click "Add to Cart" to claim the best premium jiggers...and reap the benefits of creating delicious homemade drinks at all of your gatherings...100% risk free!

From the manufacturer:
Our double jiggers are difficult to keep in stock. Occasionally, a media story or celebrity will endorse our product and cause demand to spike. If you see the green "In Stock" above, place your order to claim yours before they're sold out.


  • MAKE THE PERFECT COCKTAIL WITH CORRECT MEASUREMENTS - We believe mixing the perfect cocktail will help you create more memorable evenings with your friends and family. This measurement accessory is perfect for measuring all kind of alcohol with precision using either the 0.5 ounces or the 1 ounce side. You'll no longer have to second guess the amount of liquor for your cocktails. With this shot measurer you'll be able to mix the most wonderful drinks and cocktails for your friends.
  • MIX WITH CONFIDENCE AND CREATE MEMORABLE COCKTAILS - Imagine being able to mix and serve perfectly well-rounded cocktails to your friends and family, while being able to feel confident and enjoy every minute of it. This jigger set cherishes for your special moments by giving you the control needed to mix the perfect drinks with confidence, style, and ease. It's the ideal addition to the rest of your drink supplies.
  • DON'T BUY A JIGGER SET ONLINE OR IN A STORE BEFORE READING THIS --> Other cheap jiggers made of low-quality stainless steel (not rust proof), copper, or glass doesn't offer the same durability as the BARVIVO jiggers which is made of premium high-quality stainless steel. Don't compare on the price you get what you pay for. We've had high-end bars and bartenders saying they love and endorse our jigger set and use them as a natural part of their bartending accessories.
  • NEVER BEFORE HAS IT BEEN THIS SIMPLE TO IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS. Mixing the perfect cocktail is all about making sure you have the correct measurements. These jiggers give you the control and precision you need when preparing the cocktails. Your friends will be impressed with your perfect mixing capabilities and the drinks you'll be able to serve using the same equipment as professional bartenders.
  • LOVE YOUR NEW JIGGER SET OR WE'LL SEND YOUR MONEY RIGHT BACK - Not only do you get a new top rated jigger set which goes well with the rest of your barware, but you also get the BARVIVO 6 months warranty without additional cost! If you don't absolutely love your new bar tool we'll offer you a replacement and/or refund your money, no questions asked! Which makes this purchase a no-brainer - So order now and when you do consider getting two, one for you and one for your very best friend.

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It's not a good time to buy now, there's a 88% probability this price will decrease. Our advice is to Watch it.
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Double Jigger Set By Barvivo Measure Liquor With C, is it available on Amazon?

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Should I buy the Double Jigger Set By Barvivo Measure Liquor With C now?

It's not a good time to buy now, there's a 88% probability this price will decrease. Our advice is to Watch it.

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