Dog Grooming Scissors 6PCS, Stainless Steel with Safety Round Tip Thinning Straight Curved Shears and Combing Kit for Cat Pet

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Regular hair cutting for dogs is not only conducive to the cleanliness of dogs, but also more beautiful. But be careful not to trim it too bald. For dogs, its hair is 0.8-1.2 inches is the most suitable. This can not only achieve the purpose of beauty, but also ensure that the dog's skin will not be directly exposed, will not be directly infested by parasites or direct sunlight, and can protect the health of the skin. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS 1.Round tip ends---Rounded tips ends avoids poking your pet's skin. 2.Adjustable screws---The tightness of the scissors can be adjusted, and the bearing design makes the scissors more comfortable to use 3.Curved handle design---Fits the hand shape, reduces hand fatigue, easier to cut hair 4.Muffler design---Reduce noise and reduce damage to scissors 5. 2 teeth of different sizes comb---Better combing hair into different style HOW TO MAINTAIN SCISSORS 1. Do not cut anything other than hair 2. Avoid falling and collision during use. If it happens accidentally, please check it immediately 3. Reducing the number of empty shears is beneficial to extend the life of scissors 4. After use, clean it with a scrubbing cloth, then put it into the scissors case Tips: The blade is sharp, please do not let children play, please wipe with a scissors cloth or a thick towel when wiping to avoid scratches. MONOLOGUE It is a happy thing to trim your dog's hair in person. After carefully trimming your dog's hair, give her a bath on the grass in the evening sunset. This picture is particularly beautiful. This will be a good memory for you and your dog PACKAGE INCLUDED Straight scissors × 1, Thinning scissors × 1, Curved scissors × 1, Straight scissors × 1 Comb × 1, Cleaning Cloth × 1, Black scissors' case × 1


  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADES TO CUT HAIR WITHOUT PULLING HAIR: Made of high-quality stainless steel. Our dog grooming kit have Sharp scissor blade, won't block a dog's hair and can cut thick long hair cleanly and accurately.
  • SAFETY ROUNDED TIP ENDS: Our dog grooming shears are designed with Rounded tips Ends, safe and not sharp to pets and hands. No need to worry about poking your pet's skin. Especially safe for sensitive parts such as face, ear and armpit.It helps to groom pets more easy and confident
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: Designed with the maximum comfort to fits in hand naturally and comfortably, not hurting fingers after long time usage. Finger rings are detachable for larger finger use. Easy and confortable to handle and control.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: Screw adjustable to handle with various fur thickness, thinning and cutting pets hair, Loosen the screw to separate the blade for grinding and cleaning, Easy to maintain and use for a long time.
  • HOME GROOMING ESSENTIALS SETS: These pet grooming scissors includes 6.5 inch thinning shears for dogs, 6.5 inch curve scissors for dog, 4.5 inch and 5.5 inch straight scissors, 7.0 inch stainless steel comb, cleaning cloth, and storage case. Perfect for trimming ears, paws, collar, sides and combing through a long, thick coat and relaxes pets

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