COOLMAN Cold Therapy System Cryotherapy Machine Portable Continuous Ice Pack Flexible Universal Pad for Knee, Shoulder, Ankle, Cervical, Back, Leg and Hip

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Important note:Recently, we have received feedbacks that some connectors are not connected properly. We are sorry for this problem and we have create a promotion offering extra connectors for this item. Please view the Promotion and add both to Cart before placing the order. If you have purchased this product and still want the extra connectors, please feel free to contact us directly. COOLMAN ice therapy machine is better than traditional ice packs: 1. LOWER RISK: Traditional ice packs might be too cold that may cause cold injury. The cold water flow rate of COOLMAN can be adjust to keep a comfortable temperature, reduce the risk. 2. MORE COMFORTABLE: The flexible cold pad is soft and does not contain hard ice. 3. MORE CONVENIENT: High capacity water bucket allow users to store more ice for multiple cold therapy, instead of getting ice packs from the fridge every time. 4. MORE PORTABLE: Users can take the device with them and keep it cold for hours. 5. MORE APPLICABILITY: The flat soft elastic therapy pad can be bent into many shapes. with elastic bandages, It can be perfectly wrapped around any body part. Warranty: We will provide free merchandise exchange service if any malfunctions(non-human) occur within ONE year of purchase. Please feel free to contact us directly via amazon if you need help. Package content: Cold therapy machine *1 Universal cold therapy pack *1 Insulated circulating water tube *1 Elastic strips *3 DC 12V power adapter *1 Nonwoven barrier *1 Product User Manual *1


  • STAY COLD◆ Cold therapy machine is intended to treat post-surgical and acute injuries to reduce edema, swelling, and pain. It uses a pump to continuously circulate cold water onto a soft therapy pad, it can provide hours of comfortable and gentle cryotherapy, avoid the inconvenience of changing cold packs frequently, reduce the risk of infection from condensed water on cold packs.
  • LOW NOISE◆ COOLMAN Cold compression therapy machine is equipped with a high-quality diaphragm pump that provides quiet and steady running state. The users will not be bothered by noise in continuous cold therapy, a relaxed and quiet environment helps users recover better. This is crucial for a pain relief medical equipment.
  • UNIVERSAL PAD◆ The therapy pack is soft and comfortable, suitable for use on the knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, arm, hip, and leg. Elastic materials allow water to flow smoothly and create compression. Easier to use than traditional ice packs.
  • VARIOUS RUNNING MODES◆ There are five flow rate Settings and time Settings within 30 minutes. Water temperature monitoring from 41 to 68 degrees is provided. According to the temperature and flow rate, Users can choose the suitable mode to improve the use experience.
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN BUCKET◆ Double-wall construction and 7quart ice-water capacity ensure cold therapy for hours. The transparent material allows users to check the water easily without uncovering. A sturdy and comfortable handle enhances portability.

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