CLEANGURU Disinfectant Generator, Sodium Hypochlorite Spray Maker, DIY Personalized Disinfectant Spray, Water Electrolysis Machine, Saves You Money & Good for The Environment

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Do It Yourself Disinfectant Liquid: Just add your tap water and simple edible salt and take advantage of electrolysis machine to produce sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) – that can be used with the built-in spray nozzle to effectively eliminate harmful substances in the air and surfaces. How Electrolysis Works: Sodium hypochlorite is widely used as a disinfection liquid, which is a weak alkaline. Electrolytic brine (NaCl solution) generates chlorine gas on the anode, and simultaneously produce sodium hydroxide in the solution. The Chlorine is dissolved in the water and together with the sodium hydroxide forms a solution of sodium hypochlorite – ready to use. Instructions: 1.Pour 300ml of tap water into the bottle. 2.Add edible salt into the water. Use different amounts of salt according to the concentration needed. 3.Cap the bottle using the spray nozzle and gently shake the bottle. 4.Connect the disinfectant generator to a USB power supply - the power indicator light will turn on. 5.It takes 10 minutes to complete the process of generating the sodium hypochlorite solution . After the indicator light turns off, disconnect the power supply. 6. Spray the items you wish to disinfect and wipe with a cloth afterwards. Key Features: 1.Simple One Button operation – anyone can use it! 2.High Quality Spray Bottle – will not be electrolized during operation. 3.Adjustable strength – use 3 different concentration levels to get the precise liquid for your needs! Important To Know: 1. Do not use on silk, wool, nylon, leather or painted surfaces. 2. Do not use on aluminum, copper, carbon steel products. Suitable for stainless steel. 3. Do not mix with other acid cleaner products (toilet cleaner, tile cleaner, bathroom cleaner, etc.)


  • [CLEAN & HEALTHY]: Use our disinfectant maker spray machine to super-clean your surroundings. It provides a healthy environment for you and your family.
  • [GREEN & SUSTAINABLE]: Homemade sodium hypochlorite solution – reduces bottle production and chemical factory waste worldwide.
  • [HOUSEHOLD DISINFECTANT SPRAYS]: Takes a few minutes to make your own bleach liquid ( sodium hypochlorite ) – with just tap water, some edible salt and a common USB port – and you are ready to go!
  • [YOUR OWN DISINFECTANT LIQUID]: No need to regularly buy disinfectant liquid from the market– save your money and make your own disinfection water whenever & wherever you need it again and again!
  • [EASY TO USE SPRAY BOTTLE]: High quality spray bottle body & nozzle, one-key to turn on the generation mode, it only takes 10 minutes to get your disinfectant spray cleaner - makes it easy to use by anyone!

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