Canvia - Digital Art Canvas & Smart Digital Frame| 11AC WiFi | 16GB| 27x18in Frame| Adv Full-HD Display| Powered by ArtSense| 1 Year Membership Subscription to Premium Art & Photography Library

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Canvia: Experience Art and Invoke Curiosity (a) Unparalleled realism powered by ArtSense technology (b) Choose & explore thousands of artworks or photographs, all in one smart digital canvas USA BASED LIVE/INSTANT SUPPORT(CALL/EMAIL FOR SETUP OR TUTORIAL HELP)


  • INCLUDED in the PACKAGE: Canvia Art Canvas & Smart Digital Frame | Premium maple wood frame to match your home interior | One-Year Membership subscription with access to the Canvia library of 10,000+ works of art, from classics to contemporary. USA BASED LIVE/INSTANT SUPPORT(CALL/EMAIL FOR SETUP OR TUTORIAL HELP)
  • MAJOR FEATURES: Connected Digital Frame | 11AC Wi-Fi | 16 GB memory | Full-HD Advanced Display for Art | Allows zoom and re-positioning for exquisite detail | Upload your own photos and digital images | Anti-glare matte screen | Schedule content by hour, day, week and more | Luxury design | Image & Playlist Shuffle | Ambient sensor & auto correction | Hang Canvia in portrait or landscape | Display artworks through Canvia Library
  • ARTSENSE TECHNOLOGY: Patent pending ArtSense technology is a combination of innovations in image processing, software and hardware | ArtSense makes images look like a real painting or print and preserves color & texture | Browse art and customize settings using the Canvia iOS or Android mobile app or Canvia web application| Canvia automatically adjusts to match the ambience based on sensor inputs, and also adjusts Canvia to sleep mode when the room gets dark
  • CONTENT: Explore 10K+ artworks including leading contemporary artists and award-winning photographers |Classics from the best galleries in the world (e.g. Louvre, Met, Rijksmuseum, National Gallery and many more) | 525+ contemporary artists & photographers working across all genres, styles, subjects, eras and media| 2500 Free Artworks without subscription
  • PHOTOGRAPHER KIT: Display your photos in a large frame with realistic print appearance | Keep all of your Photos or Albums in one place with 16GB in-built memory | Schedule specific photos for display by hour, day, week, and more | Select the right aspect ratio without cropping | Upload photos using Mobile app (or web) and crop if desired before uploading | Create and run queue of photos of your choice
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