Boostceuticals Nattokinase 200mg 100 Vegan Capsules Pure No Stearates Nattokinase 4000 FU Supplement (100 Days Supply)

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Frustrated With Blood Pressure, Circulatory Health or Risk Of Blood Vessel Damage? Searching For Better Heart Health and Avoiding Blood Pressure Medication?

Nattokinase 200mg ( not common Nattokinase 100mg ) strongest Nattokinase supplements. Natural herbs to lower blood pressure is a great alternative choice.

Natto, traditional Japanese dish popular for centuries in Japanese culture consists of soy beans fermented with bacteria Bacillus subtilis. (Nattokinase is produced by the bacterium acting on soybeans during fermentation).Benefits of Natto come from vitamin K2 and Nattokinase. Our Nattokinase can lower blood pressure naturally and dissolves fibrin, essential clotting factor allowing smoother flow and blood thinning effect. Natto is used as clot dissolver and natural blood thinner in maintaining healthy blood pressure.*

Vitamin K the main part of the clotting factor process prevents excessive bleeding and thinning of blood. Pure Nattokinase enzyme with all vitamin k removed is of value as we age and blood flow changes.

The advantage of Boostceuticals heart health Nattokinase plus in the form of Soybean Fibrinase Extract 200mg 4000 Fibrinolytic Units (not usual 2000 fu) of activity per capsule is it offers positive effects of Nattokinase. This can address issues like changing physiology of blood vessel walls as we age in which blood thinners assist in preventing risk of ill health and avoid blood restriction, arterial pressure and slow blood flow. Best Nattokinase 4000IU for lowering high blood pressure naturally to avoid taking high blood pressure drugs and worry about lower your blood pressure later.*

Individuals taking blood thinner medication should consult doctor before taking high blood pressure supplements like Natto supplement.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


  • DOUBLE STRENGTH 200MG 200 CAPSULES 200 DAY SUPPLY best Nattokinase supplement lowering high blood pressure with bacillus subtilis enzyme derived from Natto a Japanese soy food. Highest strength 4000 FU per capsule with capacity to dissolve fibrin for better circulation and healthy blood pressure levels already within the normal range*
  • NATURAL HEART HEALTH VITAMINS - Blood can coagulate increasing risk of a blood clot and blood vessel damage can easily slow blood flow. Prevent this with our Nato kinase which supports blood circulation by dissolving coagulation effects. Our Nattokinase supplement helps maintain healthier levels of blood clotting factors ( blood thinner effect )*
  • BEST VALUE CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH - Boostceuticals high dosage 200mg Nattokinase supplement tablets are double the common Nattokinase 100mg supplement, while others also offer 60 or 90 capsules compare the super value of our mega bottle to other natural blood pressure supplement herbs that lower blood pressure naturally*
  • HIGHEST QUALITY AVAILABLE PURE NATTOKINASE is free of preservatives and artificial ingredients. It is made with a long shelf life in the USA in an FDA GMP certified facility to maintain consistency and quality control. Our Nattokinase supplement is GMO free and gluten free and makes a great blood thinner lowering harmful build up in blood vessels *
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If within 30 days you're unhappy with your Natto kinase send it back to us and we will fully refund you no questions asked. Order your Natto supplement at no risk. We are confident you will love our Nattokinase 200mg supplement solution, buy today and see the difference. Also try our Red Rice Yeast, CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Berberine *

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