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SUITABLE FOR: ?? Parentskids fun time & bonding, sensory educational toy improves intelligence in children, eg fine motor skill for toddlers, planning, counting & identifying colors ?? Calming effect for special children like autistic, asperger, ADHD due to over stimulation ?? Elderly. Research shows It is good to keep the mind & body active. Huge fidget poppets allow seniors to count & keep fingers nimble by pushing bubbles. Helping seniors stay active mentally & physically ?? Office desk toy for working adults & individuals that are stressed @ work or bored working from home ?? Games with colleagues for team bonding, improve creativity & collaborations among depts. ?? Board games with friends over drinks or chilling at pubs and cafes. SPECIFICATIONS FOR JUMBO POP GAME Size: 12.6x7.5 inch (allow slight deviation due to manual measurement) 1 x Large size sensory pop game 2 x Green colorful dices Ever had the pleasure of popping small airfilled bubbles on bubble wraps You know there is something highly satisfying about it. Studies suggest that keeping anything small in your hand is bound to be fidgeted with as it helps eases tensed nerves, reduces stress & anxiety as brain receives feel good chemical dopamine. Bubble popping also helps deviate your mind from extra thoughts & improves concentration. Eg, you will be more deeply engrossed in reading/researching while popping. With Azsure's mega pop, besides improving wellbeing, you get endless hours of fun & same pleasure of popping bubbles. So wait no further! Add this to your cart and enjoy the pleasure of bubble popping!


  • 💖 ( *TRUE TO PICTURE ASSURED* click on "Azsure Lifestyle" on the right under buy box to see what customers talk about us) PREMIUM QUALITY, THICKER & MORE DURABLE Unlike other cheaper alternatives that have fewer rows & thinner inferior materials, Azsure’s Jumbo popper toys are made of thicker & more durable, non-toxic environmentally friendly silicon material. Safe, easily washable and designed for repeated use. It is a cool unique toy with high aesthetic value with your satisfaction guaranteed
  • 💖 ( BENEFITS OF SENSORY TOYS FOR CHILDREN ) Poppet toys help stimulate five senses in children. Bright contrasting colors help kids develop their senses and intelligence in a safe environment. Suitable for children that are physical/tactile learners. Sensory toys helps calm children with autism, to relax & to focus. It also assists to develop social learning skills like negotiating, planning and sharing.
  • 💖 ( BENEFITS OF SENSORY GAMES FOR ADULT ) This new big size giant popper is cool & suitable for adults that are stressed out at work or anxious of working from home. It is a good executive desk toy to help relieve stress and channel negative energy into something harmless. It also enhances one’s creativity at work.
  • 💖 ( HOURS OF FUN AS A BOARD GAME- IT IS A BOARD GAME!) ) Bond with family and friends, relax during gatherings or have hours of endless fun and laughter playing during drinks at bars and cafes. HOW TO PLAY: Decide on the forfeits before the game Both players take turn to throw dice, push the number of pops according to dices The player that pushes the last pop will be the loser and must do a forfeit
  • 💖 ( ASSURING YOU THE BEST, ALWAYS! ) Azsure Lifestyle respects all feedback. We want to give assurance that what you see is indeed what you get, we take pride in providing good quality products and world class service at affordable price, Should you have any questions or concerns with our products, feel free to reach out to us and we will provide a resolution within 24 hours. If you are still not fully satisfied, we will gladly do a refund. At Azsure Lifestyle, we Assure You The Best, Always!

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