Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders

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Review “A wanderlust-whetting cabinet of curiosities on paper” —The New York Times “Fair warning: It's addictive.” —NPR, “Cosmos & Culture” “In this gorgeous collection, the celebrated Atlas Obscura website is condensed into 480 pages of awe-inspiring destinations. For lovers of history and exploration, the striking color photographs will spark immediate wanderlust.” —Entertainment Weekly “Odds are you won’t get past three pages without being amazed at something truly strange that you didn’t know existed.” —San Francisco Chronicle “Richly illustrated, delightfully strange, this compendium of off-beat destinations should spark many adventures, both terrestrial and imaginary.” —Boston Globe “This book is PACKED with wonderful, amazing, fascinating places all around the world. This is the perfect gift for the person who thinks they’ve done it all and seen it all because this shows that there’s so much more in the world to explore. It’s a wonderful, wonderful coffee table book.” —NBC, “TODAY” “A perfect tome for the armchair explorer and the actual traveler alike.” —Austin American Statesman “The most addictive book of the year.” —Colin McEnroe, WNPR “Whether describing a Canadian museum that showcases world history through shoes, a pet-casket company that will also sell you a unit for your severed limb, a Greek snake festival, or a place in the Canary Islands where inhabitants communicate through whistling, the authors have compiled an enthralling range of oddities. Featuring full-color illustrations, this hefty and gorgeously produced tome will be eagerly pored over by readers of many ages and fans of the original website.”—Booklist (Starred Review) “If this compendium of the weirdest, wackiest, and most wonderful destinations on the planet doesn't fill you with insatiable wanderlust, then you need to check your pulse.” —mental_floss “This is the fun way, a deep dive (sometimes literally) into places you’d never find otherwise, the weird and wild wonders of the world.” —WIRED “The book is for people who prefer to live like locals when they travel, seek out new cultures on vacation, or just prefer the weirdness of history to traditional by-the-book experiences. Even if you can’t travel, Atlas Obscura is a window into places you’d otherwise never know existed.” —lifehacker “A travel guide for the most adventurous of tourists . . . a wonderful browse [for] armchair travelers who enjoyed Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York and Frank Warren’s PostSecret.” —Library Journal “I thought I had seen most of the interesting bits of the world. Atlas Obscura showed me that I was wrong.It's the kind of book that makes you want to pack in your workaday life and head out to places you'd never have dreamed of going, to see things you could not even have imagined. A joy to read and to reread.” —NEIL GAIMAN, author of Sandman and American Gods “Atlas Obscura is a joyful antidote to the creeping suspicion that travel these days is little more than a homogenized corporate shopping opportunity.Here are hundreds of surprising, perplexing, mind-blowing, inspiring reasons to travel a day longer and farther off the path. . . . Bestest travel guide ever.” —MARY ROACH, author of Stiff and Gulp “Atlas Obscura may be the only thing that can still inspire me to leave my apartment. . . . This resource is essential for exploring the world and engaging adventure with wit and style (often from the comfort of my bed).” —LENA DUNHAM, creator of Girls and author of Not That Kind of Girl “My favorite travel guide! Never start a trip without knowing where a haunted hotel or a mouth of hell is!” —GUILLERMO DEL TORO, filmmaker, Pan’s Labyrinth “What a strange and wonderful book! It is as curious and surprising as Saddam Hussein’s very own Blood Qur’an—written in his own blood—which I would never have known about had I not read the amazing Atlas Obscura.” —JON RONSON, author of So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed “This book is as curious and enthralling as


  • Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders is a virtual celebration of 700 of the most unusual places in the world and will rewrite bucket lists with its descriptions of natural wonders, architectural marvels, mind-boggling events, and bizarre phenomena—all organized by continent and country.
  • Hardcover; 480 pages with photographs and illustrations on every page. 7.3" x 10.7".

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