Anti Fog Spray for Eye & Sunglasses - Anti Static Glass & Lens Cleaner - Fog Free Cleaning Spray for Glasses, Eyewear, Goggles, Masks - Pack of 2 & Microfiber Towel

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What is Lens Cleaner Reinvented? - It's been a while since someone reimagined what a lens cleaner can do for you. As an everyday product, why not get the most you can out of it? We did away with the alcohol that many of your cleaners have and then took it further. Making it repel moisture to resist fog and stay cleaner for longer. We also designed the paste to 'fill' in minor scratches so that when you wear your lens they're less visible to the eye. Z Clear isn't just for glasses. There are numerous applications. Read on for a few and then order today to experience the evolution of lens cleaners! Applications All Prescriptions & Sunglasses Medical: Face Shields Goggles Respirators Masks Workplace: Safety Glasses Shields Swimming: Goggles Masks Motorcycle: Riding Glasses Paintball & Airsoft: Masks Optics Hunting: Scopes Optics Ski & Snowboard: Goggles Electronics: Cell Phones Tablets Computers Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets Camera Lenses Automotive: Backup Cameras Sports: Hockey Football Raquetball Dirtbike Motocross And so on... Z Clear is as versatile as it is efficient and safe. Its applications are almost limitless when it comes to improving your quality of sight in life. . How to Use: Apply a very small amount to coat a dry surface with your finger. If you see blue, you're using too much. Wipe with a microfiber/cotton cloth. Don't over wipe. *Anti-Reflective coatings and few other lenses may still fog. There is no such thing as fog-proof, but our anti-fog will still kick it off faster than anything else on the market. Keep using it. It will get stronger and stronger. Most lenses won't fog at all. Z Clear is the best lens cleaner out there and if you have any issues, reach out. We're not happy unless you're happy. Z Clear is Lens Cleaner Reinvented


  • πŸ’§<b>Safe & Trusted:</b> 100% Alcohol & Ammonia Free. These abrasive chemicals slowly break down your coatings causing them to peel and flake. Z Clear is made safe for all prescription, reading, safety, and sunglasses; anti-reflective, polarized, transitions, Crizal, Lexan, polycarbonate, & plexiglass.
  • πŸ’§<b>Anti Fog Water Repellent:</b> Z Clear is a powerful hydrophobic solution designed to repel moisture and prevent fogging. Don't be bamboozled by other defoggers. Most of them are either alcohol or silicone-based resulting in either lens damage or hard to remove oily streaks. Our formula resists moisture safely with exquisite clarity.
  • πŸ’§<b>Cleaner For Longer:</b> This is not just another cleaner you forget the name of. With 300 applications for a pair of glasses, each lasting 2-3 days, Z Clear's hydrophobic, oleophobic, and anti-static properties make it the champion in lens cleaners. It binds the oils for an easy streak-free clean and then provides a protective shield resistant to moisture, oil, and dust keeping your lens cleaner for longer.
  • πŸ’§<b>Anti-Static:</b> Z Clear's properties neutralize ionic charges that attract dust and particles to your lenses. Whether it's on your everyday glasses, goggles, and visors or your work, PPE, and other safety equipment for the warehouse, workshop, hospital, etc., Z Clear will help keep your vision clear and assist in preventing yourself from scratching your lenses further.
  • πŸ’§<b>Honesty & Integrity:</b> We're a rapidly growing, family-owned, U.S. made company. We do this because these are our passions. We're blessed to work in the communities we love. We ski, we swim, we hunt, and we ride. We wear glasses. We know the difference true clarity of a lens can make & the investment you put in your lenses. We believe in under-promising and over-delivering. Check out our description to see what makes us the best and why we offer a satisfaction money-back guarantee. 😎

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