ANGELBLISS Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier - Fresh Food Feeder, Infant Fruit Teething Toy for 3-24 Months Toddlers & Kids (Green/Purple 2 Pack) BPA Free, CPC Certified

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Product Information Brand: ANGELBLISS Name: Baby Fruit Food Feeder Material: Silicone Colour: Purple/Green Suitable Age: 3-24 Months Steps for Usage 1. Cut foods such as fruits and vegetables into strips or slices. 2. Take out the cleaned fruit and vegetable food feeder, open it safely and put the processed food with suitable temperature into the silicone mesh bag, Tighten the seal. 3.Remove residues after use and rinse with water. And put in a dry place. Warning: 1. Do not use any parts as toys, please do not allow infants and young children to remove and play to avoid danger. 2. This product must be used under the direct supervision of an adult, and taken out of the package by the adult, and then handed over to the child after installation. 3. Do not get close to fire sources and avoid direct sunlight. 4. Do not use sharp cleaning brushes to clean the product, as it may damage the product. 5. Please check the product before using it every time. If it is damaged, please replace it in time. 6. The silicone mesh bag may absorb food color and change color, but it does not affect the use. If it is stained, it can be washed with baking soda or vinegar. 7. Please store it out of the reach of infants and children. 8. Do not let children play with disintegrated, damaged or deformed toys to avoid accidents such as accidental swallowing and suffocation.


  • 🍓🍌🍏 Quality & Safe Assurance: ANGELBLISS commitment to product safety ensures that our baby fruit feeders are made from the Food-grade silicone that is BPA-Free, no smell so it is safe for baby to nibble and much on.
  • 🍌🍓🍍 Easy to Dismantle & Cleaning: Our design ensure the food feeder is easy to dismantle and wash as hygiene and safety are our top most priority. Unlike other feeders, ANGELBLISS food feeders only need to wash them in the warm soap water or dishwasher and thoroughly drain for dry storage.
  • 🍓🍌🍏 Multifunction Design: You get more value for money as our product actually serves two purposes at once. It is both a pacifier fruit holder and teething toy. It can store fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, ice chips and breast milk. The feeder can also soothe baby's teething discomfort by massaging the gums, which builds up the mouth muscle. Multiple problems solved at once by one simple product.
  • 🍌🍓🍍 Patent Design: Baby Fruit Feedering are designed in candy-like colors and lovely rabbit shape that stimulate baby's appetite for consumption of natural nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Our little ones to solid food while they go through weaning and teething phase. It is also a safe ways that baby fruit suckers are engineered to allow only the tiniest of food pieces to go through to prevent choking.
  • 🍓🍌🍏 Optional Pacifiers Size: 3 different sizes of silicone teats meet the need for feeding different ages of toddlers. Small size fits 3-6 months babies. Medium size fits 6-12 months babies. Large size fits 12-24 months babies. We value your baby's comfort and recommend to use an appropriate size.

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