ACEROLA Powder 8oz | Certified Organic Acerola Cherry Powder | Immune System Booster | Natural Vitamin C SUPERFOOD | Blend for Shakes, Baking, Mixing Drinks, Vegan - 70 Servings

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Acerola is a tropical plant also known as the Barbados cherry. The acerola tree is a tropical tree that is mostly grown in Mexico, Central and South American. This fruit is very rich in vitamin C which is the reason for effective health effects. Acerola provides 30-60 times more natural vitamin C than orange or lemon. Acerola powder is made of cherry fruits harvested while they are still green because then they contain twice as much vitamin C as the ripened fruits. The next step in making our gluten-free and organic product is milling cherry fruits into natural powder highly absorbable vitamin C, with no synthetics. The result is a non-GMO product that is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Store the product at room temperature, and in a dark place, to protect from direct sunlight.


  • ✅ NOT BATTERY ACID - This is pH neutralized acerola powder (not capsule-grade acidic and harsh). That is why it does not taste like battery acid. High concentration Vitamin C is too acidic for bacterial flora in the intestines (normally present there). This is finished product, fit for immediate consumption (one can just gobble up a spoonful and not risk their intestinal flora). Our product is pH neutralized and be consumed as irregular dosage (aka spoonful).
  • ✅ ANTIOXIDANT POTENCY –Acerola is also used as an antioxidant nutrient and reduces free oxygen radical levels in the body naturally. A comparative analysis of antioxidant potency among a variety of frozen juice pulps including the acerola fruit has showed that among the 11 fruit pulps tested, acerola was the highest-scoring fruit, meaning it had the most antioxidant potency, with a Trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity score of 53.2 mg.
  • ✅ OXYGEN BARRIER OPTIMIZED- our BPA-free 3pl layered powder-proof bag keeps it FRESH (acts as oxygen diffusion barrier). This protects your acerola antioxidant properties for longer. Patented, powder-resistant zipper assures closure and adds piece of mind that you bag will seal (will not clog with powder). Added food-grade moisture absorber (do not eat) optimizes powder consistency for LONGER maintaining the optimal potency of your acerola’s nutrients investment.
  • ✅ EXTREMELY RICH IN VITAMIN C - Vitamin C is an essential nutrient involved in the repair of tissue and the enzymatic production of certain neurotransmitters. It is estimated that Acerola provides 30-60 times more natural vitamin C than an orange or lemon. 1 tbsp of our powder reaching 640%DV Daily Value of vitamin C intake. Many vitamin C supplements use synthetic vitamin C that is acidic and can cause nutrient imbalances and inhibit cellular activity, we use acerola, natural source
  • ✅ SPRAY DRIED POWDER- Spray drying is a process of converting liquids and pulps to powders at low temperature. It is performed to reduce Acerola’s exposure to high temperature oxidizing environments and stabilize product in a dry from (protecting it from mold and fermentation). The process always requires a carrier. We chose certified organic tapioca root derived saccharide polymer as carrier that produced most favorable stable powder that is easy and healthy to consume.

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