5'' Bread Banneton Proofing Basket - LinkMall Bakers Proving Baskets Perfect with Sourdough Starter for Artisan Homemade Bread and Baking Bowl Dough Gifts - 2 Piece.

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Features and Uses -100% safe natural rattan -Traditional spiral ring pattern -Moisture wicking effect makes your dough very suitable for baking -Suitable for professional and family use -Suitable for hundreds of exquisite recipes Safety and Environmental Protection The material of this bread proofer basket meets the food safety standards. Bakers can use this banaton proofing basket to make healthy bread food, bring you and your family delicious food, safe and environmentally friendly. The Good Choice of a Professional Baker The banetton basket is less sticky and breathable, and the natural rattan can keep moisture away from the surface, making the bread crust you make more brittle. Every baker likes to make excellent bread. It will attract many people to come and see, and buy healthy and delicious food, bring a lot of fun, and also make money. The proofing baskets for sourdough bread is the best choice for every baker. Easy to Use and Clean The natural rattan of the proving basket has been proven to absorb moisture from the surface to form a crusty round crusty skin with crunchy dough and low adhesion. Coat the brotform proofing bowls with plenty of flour. In the final stage of ascent, place the dough in the meat basket until it doubles in size. After the dough rises, gently transfer it from the Bread Bosses to the baked product for oven baking Use a cloth or brush to wipe off any residue or dirt adhering to the surface of the proofing kit. Other Information Material: 100% safe natural rattan Size: 5 inches (D) x 2.4 inches (H) Weight: 0.16 Ib Package Contains Round Proofing Basket X 2 Pack Linen Liner Cloth X 2 Pack


  • 🍞ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION MATERIAL - the bread proofing basket is made of high-quality natural rattan by hand, which is safe and harmless, free of mould, peculiar smell, moisture-proof and breathable. bread proofing banneton has a firm woven structure, washable and abrasion resistant, smooth surface, no debris and no hand injury.
  • 🍞INTIMATE FABRIC - the fermentation cloth lining of bread making kit is made of high-quality and thick lining materials, which helps to keep the dough fresh, to maintain the shape and better undulation. Cotton and linen lining is easy to remove and wash: moisture-proof / breathable / environmentally friendly / fashionable and durable.
  • 🍞UNIQUE DESIGN - bread proofing bowl is made of rattan and ring by ring. the ring by ring printed self trace can be naturally embedded in the bread when the bread dough is fermented, making the outside of the bread dough form a simple and bright geometric figure, and the visual beauty brings you and your family a better appetite.
  • 🍞FERMENTATION PRINCIPLE - using natural rattan bread basket to make bread can absorb water from the surface and form a crispy round crust. The dough can be removed and released well. As time goes on, the adhesion and dust of the dough on the fermentation basket are less.
  • 🍞WIDELY USED - round proofing basket is not only suitable for professional bakers, but also for you who cook at home to make all kinds of exquisite cakes. Bread proofer basket size: 5 inches (D) x 2.4 inches (H).

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