YIHUA M180 Anti-Slip Magnetic Insulation 500℃ Heat-Resistant Silicone Work Mat for Soldering, SMD Rework, Mobile Phone, Laptop, Electronics Repair and DIY Size: 17.32 x 12.20 Inches (M180)

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If you’ve had enough with leaving some burn marks on your beautiful workbench or even burning it crack, losing track of tiny important components or parts falling off the slippery table while soldering or disassembling electronics. Then a soldering work mat is a good solution. And things are just easier with a work mat like YIHUA M180. YIHUA M180 is more than just a protective silicone mat. It is so good-quality, feature-rich and useful that it can be essential for your soldering, repair, assembly or disassembly work. In the box: 1 x M180 Silicone Work Pad What makes it essential? Firstly, it is high heat resistant. It can withstand heat up to 932℉(500℃). Nothing will happen when you directly drop some molten solder on it. But that’s not the case when you drop some on your workbench. And you can simply clean it with soap or water whenever you find it needs cleaning. Secondly, its anti-static design frees the components from troublesome static damage while non-slip design on both sides stops it from sliding around the desk and prevents components going astray. Thirdly, it comes with many classic and useful compartments in different sizes. Keep tools and parts in order and under control. a. 20 big, medium-sized and small-sized divisions help you retain different-sized tools and parts. b. Up to 122 numbered latticed positions make keeping track of tiny components as easy as pie. c. With a row of small openings on the side, have tools like screwdriver handy anytime.


  • 【Good protective work mat with large work area】Made out of premium soft silicone, this Anti-slip work mat can withstand heat up to 932℉(500℃), giving excellent protection to any workbenches and parts. Being 17.32 x 12.20 Inches, it offers as much work area as possible for your projects while perfectly fitting in your work desk.
  • 【Many useful compartments, Great storage performance】This work mat provides many built-in compartments including 20 big and medium-sized notches,122 tiny numbered screw positions,3 magnetic areas, a row of screwdriver holders and a groove that is perfect for iPhone PCBs. Just a single pad let you hold your tools and components in place all the time. More useful compartments, Less messy workbench!
  • 【Easy to clean & hard to damage & easy-peasy to store】Made out of flexible soft silicone, easily cleaned with soap and water and won't get damaged with a warm-up soldering iron, dripped molten solder or hot air gun. Wrapping it up or spreading it to store it. It doesn't occupy but adds storage space for you!
  • 【It's new!】Curious about the circular plate embedded in on the main area? that's an aluminum plate! You will find it super useful when doing jobs that require a typical area to stay stationary. An aluminum plate will remain non-deformable regardless of any heat. This highly reduces chance of error when handling tinny parts. With this, get jobs done More precisely and efficiently!
  • A perfect solution for your soldering and rework projects!

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Yihua M180 Anti Slip Magnetic Insulation 500 Heat, is it available on Amazon?

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It's not a good time to buy now, there's a 45% probability this price will decrease. Our advice is to Watch it.

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