YEOUTH Neck Firming Cream, Best Neck Creams for Tightening and Wrinkles! Lifting Firming Neck Cream & Face Firming Cream. Best for Tightening Sagging Skin & Dry Skin 2oz

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YEOUTH's Neck Firming Cream = Antioxidant + Intense Hydration + Moisturize & Repair + Restore Elasticity


YEOUTH's Neck Firming Cream delivers powerful moisturizing and firming ingredients that deliver age-defying results. It works to fight the most stubborn signs of aging, including fine wrinkles, lines, discoloration, and loss of elasticity and firmness, specifically on the neck area.


This powerful cream targets the delicate skin of the neck and dècolletè, helping it to regain its suppleness. The neck, dècolletè, and jawline areas appear hydrated as skin regains a smoother, more lifted appearance.


We all know that free radicals cause premature aging within the skin. Environmental damage is unavoidable but we can take steps to block free radicals from causing further damaging our skin. YEOUTH Neck Firming Cream protects your skin from premature aging.



 Spotlight on Ingredients


  • Green Tea has an impressive list of skincare benefits. It contains very strong, natural antioxidants called polyphenols that neutralize damaging free radicals, which can cause significant damage to the skin and accelerate the aging process.


  • Derived from an amino acid chain, Argireline is particularly helpful for anti-aging. It helps to relax the muscles to delay the appearance of wrinkles. By inhibiting the release of neurotransmitters, your muscles are in the state necessary to maintain taught, youthful skin.


  • Vitamin C is loaded with potent antioxidants that has limitless benefits. YEOUTH's formulation uses Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, a stable, oil-soluble form of Vitamin C, which when applied topically on the skin, is able to provide unparalleled deep skin rejuvenation. It improves the synthesis of col


  • FORMULATED PROFESSIONALLY WITH MEDICAL GRADE INGREDIENTS | Moisturize and build a protective barrier on your neck and dècolletè with this anti aging cream. Regular use slows the aging process by infusing the skin with free radical-fighting antioxidants found in Green Tea and Vitamin C. YOU WILL LOVE HOW THIS NECK CREAM HELPS THE NECK AND DECOLLETE REGAIN ITS SUPPLENESS OR YOUR MONEY BACK!
  • Argireline | Finally, you can say bye-bye to turkey neck! Argireline, which is also known as acetyl hexapeptide, is a tried-and-tested ingredient that is able to effectively reduce and prevent the formation of deep wrinkles. When applied and absorbed into the skin, Argireline is able to cause the muscles underneath the skin to contract with less force. When muscle movement is inhibited, wrinkle formation is prevented.
  • Green Tea | Antioxidants are our most powerful weapon in the fight against aging, and green tea is loaded with it! The catechin EGCG in green tea is especially beneficial, as it has been found to reactivate dying skin cells. Furthermore, green tea encourages the healing of cells - all of which fight the signs of premature aging like wrinkles, sun damage, loose and sagging skin.
  • Vitamin C | Want tighter and youthful-looking skin? There's an ingredient for that: Vitamin C! The powerhouse ingredient is a potent antioxidant that fights free radicals, as well as promote healthy collagen production, infusing much-needed moisture for skin tightening, younger-looking neck, dècolletè and double chin. Works to fight the stubborn signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, crepe skin discoloration, and loss of elasticity, for a visible neck lift.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE | You can depend on YEOUTH to deliver the best wrinkle creams, best moisturizers, night creams, beauty serums, lotions, toners, and turkey neck tighteners available on Amazon and the web today. All YEOUTH products are manufactured in the USA using natural, vegan, and cruelty free ingredients. If you are not COMPLETELY SATISFIED return for a full refund. BUY NOW.

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