XIDAJIE Lightweight Dog Wheelchair, Pet Rehabilitation Cart, Handicap Wheels for Dogs, Assistance Vehicle for Hind Legs Rehabilitation Adjustable Fixing Frame, Soft Harness, Easy Assemble

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Features:  Material: Lightweight aluminum frame and adjustable harnesses to provide optimal comfort and mobility. Recommended Back Height:7.5-11.8inch Recommended Hip Width:4.7-7.9inch Recommended Hip Length:9.8-15.7inch Recommended Chest Length: 9.4-15.7inch Recommended Weight: ¡Ü20lb Color for product: coffee/grey Package Included: 1*Leash Hook  1*Rear Collar Protective Tape 1*Collar Fixing Position 1*Front Collar Protective Strap 1*Carring Handle 1*Side Brace 1*Adjustment Knobs for Length 1*Adjustment Knobs for Height 1*Adjustment Knobs for Legs  1*Height Measuring Rod 2*Wheel 1*Protective Strap for Leg 1*Rear Curve Belt  1*Connecting Rod 1*Adjustment Knobs for Width 1*Protective Strap for Foot  1*Adiustment Button for Foot 1* User Manual  How to Use: 1. Putting the height measuring rod to the side hole on the frame, and  fastening the adjustment knods for height. Please make sure the wheels outward and the legd of the fram adown. 2. Loosing the buckles of collars and fixing them on the side braces. You could adjust the tightness if you want, 3. Wrapping the adjustable protective belt along the two side brace and fixing it with puppy. 4. Putting puppy' s legs into the adjustable rear protective strap for legs. 5. Putting puppy' s feet on the adjusting rear protective strap for feet. Note: Please pick up the part immediately if there is anything falling off. And piease ask for the doctor' shelp in time    if your puppy eats any falling part. This dog wheelchairs only provide mobility assistance for dogs with inconvenient hind legs, No therapeutic effect. WISH YOUR PET GETS WELL SOON!


  • LightWeight & Premium Quality: This wheelchair is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, durable, and easy to carry. The weight of the wheelchair is only 1160g, and the light weight will not cause pressure on your pet. After wearing this wheelchair, the pet can easily walk and run with it. Our aim is also to provide a free and convenient life for small animals with limited mobility, so that they can regain motivation.
  • Build Confidence: Nothing makes them feel loved more than being able to run, play and explore with their families. Our pet wheelchair is designed to help pets with injured or disabled hind legs walk, run and play freely, helping them to return to normal life. Our dog wheelchair is equipped with dense foam wheels with rubber pedals to guide dogs to play on any terrain. They are stable and strong, and will not be punctured. Relaxing your pet's emotions is more conducive to recovery.
  • Suitable Size: Body width 12-20cm/4.7-7.9inch (adjustable), body length 25-40cm/9.8-15.7inch (adjustable), height 19-30cm/7.5-11.8inch (adjustable), refer to bust 24-40cm/9.4 -15.7 inches, suitable for pets weighing 9-20 pounds. this pet wheelchair can be adjusted within a certain range to suit your pet. The whole product is easy to assemble, can be installed by itself, convenient to carry. The buckle design can hang the tow rope on the buckle to prevent pets from being lost
  • Heart-warming Design: Whether the pet is a temporary back injury or a permanent disability, a pet wheelchair can help with recovery. It is the health of the body but also the comfort of the soul. The wheelchair is not only a tool but also the love for pets. The veterinarian's research has concluded that disabled dogs with wheelchairs have a longer life span, and let the dogs know that it is important to take care of them. They will happy and love you more.
  • Friendly Tips: Please measure the height and weight of your dog before buying, so as to better highlight the role of the wheelchair. As one of our family members, especially when they are disabled, we should take good care of them. Please don't give up. The wheelchair can give them a second life. When he regain free movement and run, you will find a different him. The dog will return more love to the owner. I wish your pet a speedy recovery!

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